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Fanboy Time: Fat Yuan Yuan

They did it again, after giving the fans the Artbook one with miniature dossiers, Corvus Belli released a Fat Yuan Yuan. Something which the community has asked for for several years. Gameplay wise the release makes no sense, but it is a nice project and it caters to a demand from the fans, that´s why I like it so much. Being overweight myself I am no fan of the looks of fat people, but I appreciate the Yuan Yuan. If not something else he proves that there are still people around who love what they do, but also companies who actually listen to their customers. I am by far not fine with all decisions Corvus Belli makes as a company, still they remain my favourite one. That they have the coolest game out there helps a lot of course:)

Here now are the Yuan Yuans in their box, in parts and the first one glued together. Oh, yes, some buttons that came along

Lovely Details, even on the ground.

Can you see his delight?

I think I am calling this one Bud.

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