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The Paint Pain: More Haqqislam Girl Power

So being on holiday obviously helps with painting, who would have thought. I am now down to four to be white Haqqislamites and totally fed up with the paint scheme again. We´ll see, I set myself the limit of painting at least four more miniatures and finishig up an army, before buying new ones for Infinity. ATM that means I could either paint 2 NeoTerrans (Uhlan and Miranda), 3 Acons (2 Regulars, JoanMontessa), 3 Myrmidons (just that), 4 Snow Haqqis (Leila, 2 Ghazi, Tuareg), 8 QK (3 Ghilim, 2 MoiraKaplan, 1 Odalisque, 2 Yuan Yuan [one of them fat]) or 7 Yu Jings (3 Zhanshi, 1 ZuYong, 1 Tiger, Neko, Ninja) and I do need some Sekban for Wotan…


Nice little details

I love this model. Great pose, nice details and awesome profile:)

Finally my second member of the Kum,

The Booty Shot

She is watching you!

I see you!


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