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Haiku June 2017

家前(いえまえ)で いつも見逃(みのが)す 姫花等(ひめばなら)   Stets übersehen die hübschen Blumen direkt vor der Haustür   right in front of the door still, not noticed for so long the little flowers

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Movie Time: Wonder Woman

So it was time for the theatre again, obviously the movie one,  which is a time that recurres pretty often actually, yet most of the time I don´t write about … Continue reading

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Haiku 17.06.2017

天涯上(てんがいかみ) 紫天(むらさきあま)が 夜中(よなか)にき Über dem Horizont erblicke ich mitternachts den purpurnen Himmel In midnights hour the horizon shines in stark purple

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Battle Reports Wotan Phase I

After a much to long period of nothing here, I start of with some battle reports from the current online Infinity campaign. As always playing to a narrative is awesome: … Continue reading

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Army Parade Haqqislam/HB

So Strikezone Wotan had me finally take a bunch of pictures of the boys and girls. Enjoy (hopefully:))

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Haiku 06.06.2017

黒(くろ)し雲(くも) 強(つよ)しき風(かぜ)ぞ 満月(まんげつ)まだ Kräftiger Wind Verweht die schwarzen Wolken Vor dem fast vollen Monde Strong winds reveal The almost full moon Behind the black clouds

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