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Movie Time: Wonder Woman

So it was time for the theatre again, obviously the movie one,  which is a time that recurres pretty often actually, yet most of the time I don´t write about it.

So my first of the new DCU pictures. I am of mixed oppinion. I like the optices of the film very much. The paradisic island absoultely contrasts with the grim war setting. Perfect in this way, also as someone who totally is into martial women anyway there is nothing to say about her outfit that is not awesome. Especially that it is armoured and has no stars on it. Gal Gadot just looks like a dream.


So there is my split oppinion. Clearly this movie is a feminine one right? It is called Wonder Woman, the first female lead in a comic movie since the start of all this we-are-not-able-to-make-a-blockbuster-without-making-a-comic-movie era. And there is a femal director. So everything should be fine.

Well three guys wrote the screenplay, right… Well you see Zack Snyder in the fight scenes, which are mostly good by the way. Okay let´s stay there for a moment. The mass fight scenes are really cool and well made, her moves mostly make sense and she really kicks some buttocks. It is easy to get into the flow of them and just enjoy them. The fight on the beach also shows some very nice riding and shooting skills from the Amazons.  Where it really sucks are the training scenes of the Amazons, come on, basic stage fighting, piss off!

I really enjoyed her fighting. I also enjoyed the very well defined antagonism between her naive heroic approach to combat and war and the grim brutality of the Great War. Very well done and the struggle about that is the best part between her and JJ Kirk (who totaly shows in this movie why he was cast for the part). Maybe the dialogue about averages comes close.

So and here is the problem. JJ Kirk mansplains basically everything to her. There is a side to it which is okay, as she is new to the world and has no clue what is going on. That angle is allright and well done (My favourite quote is: No Babies, this one is not made from clay, at least I think that is the English version as I saw the German dubbing). Well the getting her new clothing scene is overdone though.


That most people who meet her are taken aback by a woman taking initiative and speaking her mind, is within the context of the time it is set also fine and well done mostly. Most men don´t take her seriously until she basically single handely frees the village. The partners of JJ Kirk realize in this moment what and how powerful she is and treat her differently. JJ Kirk takes much longer to do that also he steals way too much screen time. It almost is a movie about JJ Kirk and not Wonder Woman. He explains everything, never takes her serious until the very end, when Ares appears, and then steals the scene by sacrificing himself instead of letting her take care of the problem, Fuck you, that is pure White Male Supremacy Shit or WMSS as I started to call it on Tuesday. Seriously wake up and stop being sexist nutjobs people, this is a movie about her not him. That he is the only caucasion guy in the team just trumps it. The writers were somewhat aware of it, when she asks Chief who killed his people, he gestures to JJ Kirk and says: His people. It shows the deranged logic and ways of human history, but also hints in this direction.

Guys, when you make a movie about a woman, make it about her. Not the defining man in her life. Period. Of course, like every other person she is formed by her experiences and acquaintances, but put her in the centre of attention. It is not so difficult, just stop being supremacist for a while. Believe me it makes the world a better place.

So the movie squanders an important opportunity here. Which makes me sad. Also another thing painting Great War Germans as pseudo-Nazis is not only historical bullshit seventh grade, but dangerous. Many people are so little informed about history these days that they believe movies more than newspapers. You have a responsibility to not fill heads with false information. Besides all nations did terrible things during this war, as the movie manages to show the grimness of it, showing it on both sides would have been the right decision. Especially as she has to realize that Ares is not to blame.

Last thought, fighting violence with violence is not always the best solution another squandered opportunity. Last last thought believing in love is not a good motivation as the ultimate answer. Romanticism is long past and believing in peace, prgogress or just hope or mankinds ability for betterment would have been way better.

So in the end the movie has some awesome moments and makes a lot right, but at the same time it remains stuck in WMSS, which is really a shame. Come on mankind still a lot steps to go.

I for one start walking.




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