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Sword Sorrows: Finally getting one

This week, or rather last week when I ordered it, I finally did something I put of for a long time: I got a Katana.

I am rather into this topic, as the very second post on this blog should make abundantly clear. I always said that I wanted a real one, when I get one, which means properly folded and furbished. For a long time I wanted to get an old one, at least 100 years old, but never got enough money at hand (the one time I did I decided to buy a bed for my new appartment, which probably was the better decision, at least for my back), so I never bought one.

Now I compromised I bought a Feng Lin, which is forged proberly (folded 12 times, but I don´t know the structure type of the blade, nor how many layers of steel they started with) and looks good as well.

The Saya is typical late Edo black with simple fittings (as you get for not too much money, so that is okay) and it came in a proper box and bag. The Sugata is a quite typical Gendaito, with a rather short blade, a chu Kissaki and not too pronounced curvature.

I immediately put it to use in order to see how well I could translate my European Sword fighting skills to the Katana. It turns out not well. The very long handle makes for an entirely different wielding experience. It also is an awesome lever. It is much more of an offensive, than an defensive weapon compared to the typical Bastard Sword.

I hope it will help me focus with my training in the future, also I want to try and learn from a fighting manual from the Yagyu Shinkage Ryu, about which I will hold a lecture on a conference in November. So I should get acquainted with that.

That´s it for today.

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