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The Paint Pain: Campaign Haqqs, Faces and Yu Jing + P.S.: Druze

So time to recount some of my painting again. This week I had off from work (and I am not looking forward to go there in the morning) and also I had a test on tuesday, so much for vacation, still I did some painting and playing. As the campaign is still going on Haqqislam had priority.

We start with what I finished before this week and the ones I did something at all about:

So my two Moira, who are Kaplan for my QK. I am fine with how they turned out, even though I can do better work.

The Ghazi are moving like glaciers in painting, as I somehow can´t bring myself to paint them, I don´t know why that is. The Sekban was bought on Wednesday, as my other 5! (and 2 Ayyar and a Govad) are still in the mail (for three weeks now:(). The Ghulam has his hair done and Bud (The fat Yuan Yuan) has some base colours, Goldenlocks (I took that from someone else, but mine became blond too) will be a Bashi Bazouk in my Winterforce someday.

So now come my old Alquacil Sniper and the Lunokhood, which will be an EVO for my QK.

The Lunokhood also was bought on Wednesday and finished on Friday, such is life sometimes. The Alquacil, well she was sitting there for two years…

Briarois (Kaplan) and Leila are next.

Leila is a lovely model (and a badass). This also brings me to face time:

We all have faces, do you?

These lovely ladies all are now just waiting for the rest of their paint. I generally drybrush metal first, then comes the hair, then the face and then everything else. For a while I abstained from painting faces very much and I needed to get back into it. Still I am quite happy with most of them. Madame Ghulam was the best I think.

Like my Spitfire?

Old and huge, beware of Doctor!

I just shot them all, okay?

Nice lady, with pretty face, be on guard.

Never trust someone with glasses!

So yesterday instead of doing something I have to, like preparing for the exam on Friday, I painted some more, as I was at home and the sun was up. But I am tired of the Haqqislam colour scheme by now, so I churned out three more Yu Jing miniatures. During this I noticed how lovely the Red Veil Zhanshi are sculpted. Really well done! I hardly use them for their points, but damn nice models. Also her face came out good too.

So enough for now. Maybe I will paint a little more today.

CY soon.

P.S.: So instead of working I painted some more, my Druze is finished and painting her was a real pleasure despite all the nuts and cracks and tiniy details. I also like the colours, maybe my next army will look like that.

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