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The Paint Pain: CA playable

After having some time thanks due to some days off from work I painted. A lot. I can´t stand having armiey around that I can´t field, so my new CA needed paint. I am pleased with my colour choices for them and it paints okay…well it takes long and I know I could do better, if I´d take more time to do it.

But today I first crashed the 10 order generating models count (10 models were reached earlier because of the Slave Drones) and now I also have  enough for a decent 300 point list. So commence the pictures. First batch is the 10 order count army (okay 11 orders) then at the end my E-Drone and Batroid Sniper follow (right now they are drying their varnish in the sun), who bring me up to this list (Which excludes the Imetrons and Slave Drones though):

Skiavors Lt

Suryat HMG/Tinbot

Batroid Sniper

Batroid FO x 2

Shrouded Minelayer

Malignos Sniper


Raktorak Vulkan Shotgun

Daturazi Chain Rifle

2. Gruppe



Well now to find someone to crush, and also soonishly to pain the doctor and some Drop Troops 🙂



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