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The Paint Pain and Building Bench: Freebooter´s Fate

So finally someone made me play something else than Infinity and promptly of course I painted, bought, build and played some more Freebooter´s.

I really like the game despite it few downsides in the mystical department and the fact that they upped up their output at the cost of quality, as not all miniatures are designed by Werner Klocke himself anymore. The new ones get better but the difference is very clear, especially when painting them.

So now here some pictures of my newly finished models:

Adombra, an Assassin sniper, and two proxies for a Marine and a Cazadorguard (for which I still have to acquire the playing cards…)

And a picture of all three together


Then of course some new ones…

Well let us see how it takes to paint them.

Also we did a little larger game, as I just had bought some corrugated cardboard to give it a shot as water, we also used my boats for the first time.  We did get some rules wrong and the scenario turned out to be not well thought through. Still was nice playing more (easy to say I won). Every time I play Freebooter´s I ask myself why not every game uses rectangular bases, it makes everything sooo much easier.

Here are some pictures, both lying Conscritti were downed with a single blow each, that was hard. Also the cardboard basically works as water:)

Have fun, CY



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