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To Oppress and Subjugate: CA Battle Report

Intel report, Section 12a of the Damburg line.

Author: Hexahedron Agent Samantha

On the grounds of the given up supply house 17beta, a border security force of Nomads faced off against a scouting party of the Combined Army in these parts. The Nomads tried to defend a sensor grid from the enemy.

The Nomads were present with this force:

Intruder Lt, 5 Alquacil (2x FO, Medic, ML, Sniper), Bandit FO, Moran FO, Lunokhood, Mobile Brigada; (2nd group): Senor Massacre, 2 Jaguars (1 Panzerfaust, 1 Chain rifle), 1 Alquacil Hacker, Tomcat DEP


They took position with the fire team as the core of their defense, the Tomcat waited on the roof to descend when needed.

The Combined Army had the following composition:

Skiavoros Lt, Raktorak Vulkan Shotgun, Daturazi Chein Rifle, Suryat HMG + Tinbot, 3 Unidron Batroids (2 FO, 1 Sniper), M-Drone, 1 Shrouded Minelayer, 1 Malignos Sniper); (2nd Group) E-Drone


The Shasvastii were infiltrated up front and the rest was scattered.

(Mission was the Grid and my army was badly prepared for it, but it was the only viable 300 point army I could field at this time, because the rest was not painted yet, so I gave it a tryJ)

Turn 1 CA

The E-Drone supported the Unidron sniper with his programs, amplifying its´ aiming capabilities. The Drone then fired at the Alquacil Sniper who hit it, but despite the damage it marched on (Dogged). It then attacked the Missile Launcher Alquacil who was killed by the Unidron.

Then the Suryat advanced and gunned down the Sniper Alquacil, before destroying the Lunokhood as well on his flank. The damaged Unidron advanced with the rest (Skiavoros, Suryay M-Drone) and took a shot at the Birigada who was hit, but survived unharmed. Then the Unidron marched further forward and killed one of the FO Alquacils while dying to a Crazy Koala.

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Turn 1 Nomads

Retaliation was quick. First the Tomcat appeared and fired her DEP into the Suryat, who survived the hit, even though wounded. But was then shot unconscious by the Tomcat with her Combi Rifle. On the other flank the Jaguars advanced and shot at the Unidron there, but everyone missed.

The Mobile Brigada moved from her high vantage point and made a run towards the downed Suyat behind whom the Reconnaissance Drone (HVT) of the CA was lodged. On the way he shot down the Unidron FO guarding this flank. Arriving at his destination he shoot the Drone and the Skiavoros, both tried to dodge and the Skiavoros escaped his attack. The Drone not. (HVT killed by Data Tracker 4 OP).

Finally the Bandit marked one of the antennas, trying to establish a network again.

Turn 2 CA

Immediately the M-Drone marked several antennas to create a network of their own. (Three orders for three antennas, on six WIP 13 rolls…) Then it attacked the Brigada to safeguard the Skiavoros, but the Brigada remained untouched and the M-Drone was put out of order.

Awhile the Malignos shot two of the Jaguars, one covered himself in smoke in time, the other one was hit, but remained unharmed (2x 17 for ARM roll).

The Skiavoros made a run for it and shot Plasma into the Brigada, who succumbed to it (only crit in the game and another hit), and it survived the flame unscathed. Then it ran forward to shoot down the Nomad medical advisor crucial to this part of Paradiso (HVT killed by Data Tracker 4 OP). Then the Aliens positioned themselves to cover their approaches, the Malignos tried to destroy an Antenna during that but failed.

Turn 2 Nomads

Advancing down the flank the Jaguar shot the Unidron while the Daturazi failed to throw smoke. They advanced further and the Raktorak shot at Massacre, who jumped behind smoke and the Jaguar survived a hit from the Daturazis grenades. Coming through the smoke Massacre shot at the Raktorak and the Daturazi, missing both and getting burned by the Shotgun. The other Jaguars pull back after surviving the Chain Rifle of the Daturazi.

The Bandit ran forward and designated several Antennas, establishing a functioning network. Then he climbed the building to reach the Malignos, the only enemy trooper capable of destroying the Antennas. He reached the roof and was shot in the head by the Malignos.

The Moran fired at the Skiavoros and hit him, but it remained unharmed.

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Turn 3 CA

The Daturazi advanced and traded fire with the Jaguars several times, before both went into terminal stress (Dogged) and the Daturazi was glued into place by ADHL of on Jaguar.

The Shrouded on the roof stirred and shot both surviving members of the fireteam, succeeding in putting down the Paramedic.

The Raktorak made a run for it towards the Antennas, failing two times to align one for the aliens, he proceeded over open ground to reach the one closest to the Nomads. He braced a shot from a Jaguar to do so and managed to align it. Seconds later the Malignos appeared and destroyed it. (Last order!)


L 1

So we quit there as it was 7-7 and no OP were possible to achieve for the Nomads. We forgot to count surviving troops, but we were okay with a draw. Especially as we both had mushy heads from sickness. It was a strange game with strange decisions and several Wait, what have I done? Moments.

Well the CA did okay for their first appearance and the Unidron Sniper is just as evil as I promised my friends 🙂


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