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Nostalgic Notions: Resident Evil 2

Nostalgia. The thing reserved for people who are old enough to actually remember some things being different some years ago. I started to be nostalgic at a young age. Some people say that I always was an old grumpy man just in a younger body, I more think because I am a romantic. As such a person I tend to idealize past glorious, amazing things to quite a high degree. Which brings a lot of problems with it in regard to relationships. But that is for another time, today is about zombies.

I hate the zombie boom of the last decade btw, and I never was a great fan before that either. There is just one exception: Resident Evil

When the series started I was close to adulthood and, as a gamer of my generation, a hardcore gamer at that time. So we fought our way through Resi 1 on the Playstation with glee and some high heartbeats. Then Resident Evil 2 made an appearance and I am in love till today.

It has a special place in my heart, not only for the awesome gameplay, cool graphics for the time, creepy camera angles and the amazingly written story cut into half so that you have to play Claire and Leon to experience all of it. No, well yes that too, Resident Evil 2 was the first game ever, and now that I come to think about it also the only game ever, that I bought which was on the index at that time. I was so proud when I had to show my ID in order to buy it. I think I still have the receipt from this lying around somewhere.

Plus of course I was 18 and totally dug Claire at that time, and used her as Inspiration for many RPG content. I played a Cthulu character in her image and transferred her into the crew of our Star Trek party at that time for example. Maybe I still do dig her, who knows? 😉


So besides me totally getting a copy of the Resident Evil 2 Board Game, which is now on Kickstarter which I will not link here, I wanted to talk about fandom.

Resident Evil 2 has huge fanbase, me one of them obviously, and I played the game intensely (even though I never saw it worth the effort to play the Tofu scenario). It also inspired some of my first major conversion work with miniatures, as I wanted to have a Licker:

It has an open stomach wound, as I intended it to also work as a base decoration for my version of Claire, but I never finished the Claire model. As I messed up the green stuff back then the tongue of the Licker is still flexible. And it can do this:

I love it 🙂

There are a ton of people who do stuff like this, as fandom can inspire you to great effort and this is cool. Only these days I discovered a very awesome Resident Evil 2 Remake, which sadly is not available as it is completely fan made:



So a shoutout to Rod Lima. Well done. Thank you for it.

Was there a point to this? Probably. CY

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