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Life signs, 1 more year down and Building Bench: Dropfleet

Whew, over a month silence here and I missed to put something up on my birthday…I keep being a terrible blogger obviously. The last weeks were stressful despite the last two being vacation, yeah right.

To organize parties is really not my thing and every time I do it, it churns on me more than it should, that is excuse no. 1 there. No. 2 is that I attended a conference, namely this one: http://www.klingenmuseum.de/assets/files/Fight_Book_Conference(1).pdf

It was the first time I did some research on fighting manuals and as always I liked doing it, very much. Yet I of course did not want to present a bad lecture there, so a lot of my spare time has been soaked up by preparing for it, I felt terrible shortly before and everything went smoothly then, everyone was awed – Pheww, job well done as it seems. Once more I regret having to spend soooo much time in just getting this awful thing called money, instead of doing something meaningful. Capitalism still sucks it seems.

On the nice side of it I spent a lot of it at the SPIEL again, and a buddy bough some Dropzone Commander there. As it has to be I did now too and so I spent also some time building and stuff.

I decided to go with the Scourge instead of the PHR, which I play in Dropzone Commander, because I love the Cruiser design. The Frigates are a necessary evil though. I also did some unusual thing here. I used magnets for the Frigates (at least some of them) and the Battlecruiser, in order to not buy too much and also not throw away too much from the sprues. Here is the fleet so far.


Our first game yesterday was a massacre and of course we got some rules wrong…

On the other hand, thanks everyone who shows up from time to time here, I will do the numbers thing of every year also soon.


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