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The Numbers Thing

And again over a month, the end of this year really doesn´t give me much time to write. I hope everyone whom it concerns had a good christmas time. For me it mostly means family visits from which I generally abstain so…

Well the numbers, which I should have put up last month, atm there are 125 followers listed here. Thanks to all of you for showing up here from time to time, and an extra apology for not being consistent here. Next year I try to do better.

Most visitors here are from Germany, the US and the UK in that order, but almost all parts of the world have had a look. That is nice to know.

I did not manage to post at least once a week at the end of this year, the rest of the year it worked out. I will try to get back to that as well, as I intend to write more anyway, so not only here that is.

Other numbers. This year I made a count again of how many miniatures/scenery I bought, build and brushed. Before the Spiel in Essen I had a good count, now I stand at 11 more build than brushed, 16 more bought than build and 27 more bought than brushed.

So no way of ever finishing all my models in seems. Maybe that is good, because as everyone knows: Once you paint your last miniature you die 😉 Sadly it doesn´t make you immortal not to paint them, superstition doesn´t work that way.

So New Year is coming and I wish everyone a good time.



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