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The Paint Pain: A little bit of Dropfleet and a small game

Whew, 30 days again, I thought I did something in January before today, damn.

The first month of the year has been …slow. I finished one model and primed 15, hmm not good. But as a daylight painter that happens.


Only one of those cruisers is not finished, so I am closing in on a fieldable fleet. We also did an intro game with 500 points…


…it sucked. At this point level Dropfleet Commander does not work at all, basically no options for sensible fleets and two dice rolls basically decide the game. I hate d6, just to reinforce this sentiment by the way. I am looking forward to bigger battles though.

In this one he blew up my carrier in the second round (good dice) and a stray shot brought my troopship to crippled status and three fives and a three in a row destroyed it, great. An then one four on two dice, could have turned the game a little bit for me, but no, two ones. Yeah, great.

I will buy my second fleet soon and some Necromunda. I hope I´ll comment that here further. CY


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