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Verdummung 2.5: Reminding of parking tickets

So, yesterday I entered a local supermarket, one which was bought by a large commercial group from another ex-large commercial group and keeps the old name as a subtitle under the name – I despise this tactic – I mean: Who do you fool?, and on the outer door was a sign: Haben sie an ihre Parkscheibe gedacht? (Did you think about your parking timer? [In Germany a lot of parking spaces are only free for about an hour and you have to put in a timer in your front window to signify your time of arrival. If you stand there longer you will be billed, when a city official walks by.]

I thought: Well, nice of them to remind some forgetful people.

On the inner door was the same sign.

I thought: Okay, for the blind people. Happens in Smartphone country. (Okay South Korea is much more Smartphone country than here, I admit.)

Inside just before the gate to enter the market proper was the same sign again.

I thought: WTF! Are people that dumb and blind?

(Sorry for no pictures, but I don´t carry my camera around and don´t own a Smartphone)

I mean everybody, and I mean everybody, is familiar with the parking timer system, it is explained to you in driving school. Okay, technically everybody who is allowed to drive a car, is familiar with it. And the ones who drive illegally, so never have been to driving school, know it as well, because getting into car trouble without a license is really bad mojo.

So why do you have to remind people three times to do what everyone knows?

Okay, everyone forgets things some times. We are in a hurry, thinking about something stressful, trying to figure out a solution to a problem or maybe we are typing a message instead of properly locking our car. It happens, we are no machines and mistakes happen.

That is what sign number 1 is for.

So how to miss it? It is on a self-moving door, so you have to walk directly towards it and wait for around one second before it opens.

Guess we were not paying attention.

The second sign is exactly in the same height, position and surroundings, on the inner doors. How did we miss that?

Obviously we: a) never looked up while moving from our car through two doors b) can´t read what is written there (in this case it is game over anyway), c) just not notice anything that we are not directly focused on, d) are blind (game over again, and of course you would not have been driving) or e) are unable to understand the message on the sign.

So let´s filter b) can´t read and d) being blind out. Leaves us with a) We didn´t look up. Well, congratulations zombie you move unaware to the world, our peripheral vision is developed well enough to traverse traffic and most places without directly looking at it. So this is a feasible mode of travel. I just give a shit about everything around me. Fine, but, when I move like this I will not only miss the first sign, I also will miss the third. So these people are not my target group here.

c) overlook anything not focused on, obviously we are not focused on our surroundings, okay happens. But the two doors force you to slow down or even stop. So there is a chance that you notice the one on the second, because you at least look around you. The third one is not on a door but on a board next to the proper entrance inside. So easy prey for our unattentive mind. c) notices the second one or none, most likely at least.

That leaves us with the e) unable to understand the message. So repetition begets understanding as we know (it is well documented). As we hammer the same (obvious) fact/question into the same brain there is a chance that at one of the three instances, it will come through. Maybe it won´t though. Still that leaves us with this group of people who have to been told the most common things in order to do them. What? Seriously?

Not everyone needs to know everything and I am not a supporter of glorification of things just because many people do it. Yet, things that are common, cross your path all the time, so an awareness of them is not special, it is normal. In the sense of occurring quite often. So this means when someone is not able to deal with it he/she/whatever is not able to adhere to the normal rules of civility of his surroundings. This is alarming, as either the understanding or the appreciation of behaviour is getting lost. Another explanation is the failure to actually understand written language, which is not less alarming.

Enough doomsday talk for today.


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