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Old Venues and the Building Bench: Necromunda

Sometimes old acquaintances come around and start doing things right again, when you though they totally messed up. GW actually has started to be a nice(er) company again and as … Continue reading

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Another Haiku 15.02.2018

白生葉(しらなまは) 静(しず)か流(りゅう)川(かわ) 道路音(どうろおと) Frostiges frisches Laub Schwimmt leise auf dem Fluss daneben der Lärm der Straße Frozen leaves flowing silently along the river, undisturbed by the noise oft he streets

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Haiku 15.02.2018

突然(とつぜん)の 白(しろ)しき天(あま)な 駅出(えきで)てき Beim Verlassen des Bahnhofs Grüßt mich unerwartet Ein weißer Himmel Suddenly A white sky before me as I leave the station

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Crowdfunding Clicks: Way of the Fighter

So one of the few Kickstarters I participated in, at all, finally arrived. Only 6 months overdue. Yeah, I love Kickstarters 😉 I just hate waiting for stuff I paid … Continue reading

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Binge Watching: Altered Carbon

Within my social circle there is the saying: Netflix ist der Teufel. (Netflix is the devil./ネット不利クスは魔王です。) Because it makes you sit in front of the computer and consume videos. I … Continue reading

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Haiku: 04.02.2018

入(はい)り雪(ゆき)を 庭園(ていえん)に降(お)りぞ 出(で)ても青(あお) Ich betrete den verschneiten Garten Als ich gehe Ist er wieder grün Entering the garden, snow falls, as I leave green reigns supreme

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