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Crowdfunding Clicks: Way of the Fighter

So one of the few Kickstarters I participated in, at all, finally arrived. Only 6 months overdue. Yeah, I love Kickstarters 😉 I just hate waiting for stuff I paid for to be honest.

Still this one looked cool. And I am an old Beat´em up fan, back when I had too much time on my hands and could play a lot of console games, Beat´em ups were my favourite (I still think that Soul Calibur was the best game of last century). As with everything I focused on, my friends hardly stood a chance (I even fought blind once and even won one round!). Enough of this to the Game.

Way of the Fighter came in two basic boxes and 6 add-on packs, giving me a total of 22 fighters and over 800 cards.


22 Fighters, and all the other stuff


480 generic technique cards, and some 16 specific technique cards plus rest.


All the Cardboard Rest and the 4 player arena

Both boxes come with enough dice for two players, more than enough counters for them and the board, which has a single player area on one side and the Tag Team board on the back. Every character has a unique deck of 6 techniques and then uses 4 generic technique decks to assemble their deck for the game. No character doubles on the technique mix, which is nice and gives you several hundred ways to assemble the fighters.

The movement is obviously restricted by the board, just like in good old Street Fighter II you can jump but not walk over the opponent. It captures the feeling quite good. Especially as your actions can be cancelled if you are hit first, and there is a time limit.

Why am I writing all this? God question. It certainly feels cool to get so much stuff in one go (I know that other Kickstarters bring much, much more stuff into your lap at in one go), even though sleeving all these cards wasn´t fun at all.

Well, I am definitely looking forward to play it.


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