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Old Venues and the Building Bench: Necromunda

Sometimes old acquaintances come around and start doing things right again, when you though they totally messed up. GW actually has started to be a nice(er) company again and as a result I even started looking at what they are doing again. One of the things they started to understand that the small games they produced over the years are not only awesome but well received by the fans. They were startled by the success of Blood Bowl (prompting the design and release of more teams than originally intended) and with Necromunda they were better prepared.

So I actually got me some Necromunda here:

The Box is nicely packed with stuff, the plastics are awesome as always, still the best in the business. As we can see from the Escher here:

The faces as different parts, than the hair? Awesome! Okay, it is fiddly to put together, still very nice way to ramp up the versatility. The amount of weapon combos looks nice, but actually lacks some important ones, like more than one Autogun e.g. I am now waiting for the Van Saar to come out to start kitbashing.

The new Necromunda rules seem pretty good, especially as GW, after 25 years, finally understood that alternate activation is a thing. The basic rules are identical, but some refinements were added here and there and generally in a good way. It is absolutely clear that someone actually sat down here and thought about this game. A nice touch for a change from GW. One thing is extremely bad though, rolling only one die with a sustained fire die, when you roll more hits, you get more hits, but only the one d6 determines if you it at all. That is awful, as you either hit with all or nothing, doesn´t make no sense.

Anyway I am looking forward to our first turf war, just to bring back old times of really bad dcisions and bad luckJ

They also expanded on the background. When you read through the books you get more details on the different houses than you did in the last iterations of the game. This might be deliberate or fallout from the existence of the Black Library, I don´t care it is good that it is like this. Also there are expansions planned which go to uncharted territory where we met things never seen before in Necromunda. Also nice.

What really bugs though is the publishing method. I need the basic box to fully play the game, I need the first expansion for campaign gaming, I need the third one for mercenaries and I will need the 4th one for xy. So instead of buying a complete game at the beginning you kinda get a lot of DLCs and I hate this. It deliberately keeps back information to make more money. Capitalism sucks, no matter how fitting it is for Necromunda.

Well, I Intend to write more about the gangfights soon.


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