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The Paint Pain: More CA and PHR

So more miniatures to show, and in the heat of the moment I forgot that I already did most of my new CA stuff already here. Doesn´t matter means just … Continue reading

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Haiku: 22.04.2018

22.04.2018 温春朝(おんはるあさ) 最後之死葉(さいごのしには) 吾伴(われともな) Mein Begleiter an diesem warmen Frühlingsmorgen das letzte gefallene Blatt My companion During this warm morning of spring is the last dead leaf   温春朝(おんはるあさ) 最後之死(さいごのし)に葉(は) … Continue reading

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The Paint Pain: Dropfleet and Combined Army

Whew, workload at work really sucked lately and I was rather spent in the evenings. Sorry for the long silence again. The Spring brought back some motivation and so I … Continue reading

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