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The Paint Pain: Dropfleet and Combined Army

Whew, workload at work really sucked lately and I was rather spent in the evenings. Sorry for the long silence again.

The Spring brought back some motivation and so I painted a little bit. First some Dropfleet.

I am happy how the PHR turns out, actually much happier than I am with my Scourge. I have to paint up the 2 fleets for a battle report, but my motivation was faltering. Wit more daylight some of it will return, like it does every year.

Also I finally had again some games of Infinity on this nice table. I love the overhanging part, where the bus fits exactly.

First I brought out the CA

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And I wanted to make a report of it, but as he critted on almost every of his orders in the first turn and critted on almost my orders in ARO, the game was practically non-existent. A shame it could have been nice. We did another one then with the Japanese


playing some pool;) My guys won, but I am really not happy with the splitting of my Yu Jing Army, as I have not collected for two independent forces…

At least it got me painting again, as my CA really needs backup, to be more flexible and ta da:

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A Fractaa fpr Dropping Hackers, a K1 Unidron, my first Xeodrone and two more Daurazi. This adds a lot to my army composition. A Umbra, two Nexus, a TR Bot another Malignos are really high on my priority list now. Once again the games reminded me, not to waste too much time with other games. Infinity is just too awesome.

See you soon, hopefully


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