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The Paint Pain: More CA and PHR

So more miniatures to show, and in the heat of the moment I forgot that I already did most of my new CA stuff already here. Doesn´t matter means just more pictures of minis, which is nothing bad in my book.

First the three Corvettes are finished.

Now only 6 Frigates and six cruisers to paint, hooray…

To the CA. The Xeodrone, Daturazi, Unidron and Fractaa I already showed. An Umbra, Q-Drone and Charontid add to this today. My CA starts to look like something.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

And the new stuff in closer First a Sith.. err Umbra:



Love this model, but was hard to find a paint job to fit my other CA guys

Then finally a TR-Remote




You all will suffer!

And Mister I can do everything Charontid


That´s it for today. Tomorrow I do battle with them, and I want to do a report on it. CY

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