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To Oppress and Subjugate: CA Battle report, Candy Cloud


„What happened out there? I have some Maya lawyers spinning up my plate because they miss one of their damsels and Mitch tells me the local Dark Mist goes wild.“

„Sir, some Nomads squared off with some Aliens at the control peak. I saw the whole thing. We have to scramble the men!“

„Aliens! Darng. Cruze sound the alarm. Till then report what did your old eyes see?“

  • Conversation between Major Krustschow of the Ariadnan Defence Force and Briscard Montje, recorded after the first skirmish at the Villanous Peak in the western Ariadnan mountains.

(Mission was Candy Cloud, CA won roll off and chose Initiative, Corregidor denied more than one Command Token)

I was at the outpost keeping watch, when this damsel (HVT) showed up sneaking around. No one else was around, the workshop (Objective room) was empty , and no one was working in the warehouses or chilling in the green stripe. As it should be at a days end.


Suddenly these critters sneaked up, no idea where they came from. But they quickly build a front around the peak, with some large red ape (Chain Daturazi) on their left, two of these droid things (Unidron FO and Obsidian Mechanoid with Slave Drone beneath the Q-Drone) and a large one of them, hefting a huge gun (Charontid, MSV 3 HMG, LT, Data Tracker). In the middle there was a sleezy one on the roof, a small Dark Mist of his own with him (Gwailos HRL), another ape right below (Chain Daturazi). One of the robbed bastards (Umbra Hacker) seemed to grow out of the ground beneath a container, a remote (TR HMG Drone) climbed onto the garage and another droid watched the side (K1 Unidron).


Just seconds later I heard dropships, our friends from Corregidor dropping in. A five man squad (Alquacil, 2 x Medic, HMG, Hacker, FO) took position in one of the barracks on the aliens right flank, a camoed commando (Intruder Sniper) climbed onto the roof. A heavy Brigada (Multi + Lft, Data Tracker took the middle position. Their boss (Wildcat Lt, 2nd group) ran into the workshop with their doc (Daktari with Zondbot) and a remote (Lunokhood with Akrylat), with walking bombs. A sniper (Alquacil 2nd group) took position behind some containers on the aliens left as did a scout with his bombs (FO Moran). Knowing them there were some more guys dropping in soon.


The two apes started running towards the Nomads the one on the right threw up smoke cover over one of the consoles. That was when I realised they were after the Dark Mist scrambler, they wanted to mess with the nanites in the air. I tried to phone in, but the interference from the scramblers was too strong. I decided to see what would happen.


The large Construct (Charontid) started shooting at the Commando (Intruder, Discover shoot) He was hit, but survived and ducked onto the roof. Then the Construct shot down one of the security mines. Between the scrambling consoles.

CA 1.3

Suddenly the air moved, it was a thermoptical camouflaged Sleeze (Malignos Hacker), it was on the far right and went straight to the scrambler right in front of the Nomads. Obviously doing something with it. Then it laid down a mine and moved towards the centre of the Nomads line and fired at their scout, who dodged away (Moran won FTF and ducked). The Commando now was full in the blast radius of the mine. The he went into hiding again and I lost visual. (3 Orders to move the Maligno up and activate the console, 1 OP to CA, the next one was of course the other one on the Nomads side)


The Sleeze on the roof, the Construct, the left ape and droid there advanced towards the centre. I could see our Damsel getting large eyes. Probably she tried to put everything up to Maya, but not with the scramblers in place. The Construct ran towards her, I saw her screaming, but she was too slow. It grabbed her with his right claw and dragged her back with it towards their lines. I cursed that I didn´t have my Rocket Launcher with me, to skank that bastard. (Charontid ran forward and synchronized Candy)

CA 1.6

The  robe did something to the Remote as well, suddenly it moved faster. (Marksmanship on the TR-Drone)

CA 1.7

It all happened quickly and the Nomads scrambled a response. The team advanced along the wall and the guy with the HMG shot at the Remote, but got a bullet through his head in return. (TR rolled a crit and two more hits against the HMG Alquacil) The Commando snuck from the roof, as he had been in the crossfire of the Construct, the Sleeze (Gwailos HRL) on the roof, the remote and the mine, and soon shot out of the side window, putting the Remote down. (Intruder went into the building, camoed, and surprised shot the TR, 2 damage


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On the other side the scout (Moran) advanced but first planted his bombs (Koalas). Then he came around and shot down the ape around the corner. (Daturazi unconscious) After that he shot at the droid as well, which took the bullet without effect. (saved the wound on the Unidron)


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The Brigade crawled out of sight of the sleeze, stood up and found the TO-Trooper among the trees. His shots went wide and the thing dodged around the door, coming in my view again. The Alquacil Sniper moved forward and put more bullets into the disabled Remote and wrecked it completely.


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The Aliens reacted just as fast. The Construct (Charontid, with Candy in CivEvac) ran forward again and shot one of the bombs the scout left, before running even further around the building. It was covered by the sleeze on the roof, which burned the poor Alquacil Sniper with a large fireball. The Brigada tried to help but he was far out and missed. The Construct, the damsel still in its clutches, circled back and fired several salvos into the scout, who went down, but was still breathing.


The larger Droid (Obsidian) moved up to the ape and patched him up. Cursed Aliens! The Sleeze on the roof, the invisible sleeze, the left droid (FO Unidron) and he just revived ape moved towards the Nomads. The two sleezes shooting the Brigada during that. He went down in a fireball, after a rifle shot also had pierced his torso. I saw movement after that, so he was still around. (Coordinated, Malignos and Gwailos, put down the Brigada)


The Construct then once more moved away from the Nomads, and the same group advanced further. The Invisible sleeze did something with his comlog, I think. (Failed Data Scan on the Daktari, who reset successfully.

CA 2.5

The workshop was thrown open and the Nomad remote put shotgun slugs into the invisible sleeze, which was hit but somehow survived. It slunk back, then the Commando (Intruder) opened the window, now that the Construct and the sleeze on the roof did not watch him anymore and shot down the invisible one.

N 2.1

One of the Nomad flying doctors (Tomcat) appeared on the left and brought the scout back into the game, before taking position, to secure the scrambling console. The remote and two Alquacil also took new positions. (Two coordinated orders for positioning) The remote took a shoot with his Akrylat cannon at the Contruct during this and glued it in place. Finally a good thing. (We discovered that the vans are too low to cover Charontids).


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Their boss build himself a fortress in the workshop, in the meantime. (Suppressive fire on the Wildcat Lt.) One of their medics shot a drug cocktail at the Brigada, but it was obviously bad and he stopped moving. (Brigada died from healing)

N 2.5

The apes started running again, the left one attacked the scout and was shot down again by the Commando while doing it, the Scout dodged away. (Daturazi unconscious again), the right one once more smoked the console in front of him. The robe must have done something as I could see it changing status. (Umbra activating console, 1 OP).


The patchy droid, ran to the Construct and unglued it sadly, and the thing still had the damsel in his clutches. It then advanced, holding her behind its back against the bullets, and fired at the scout, the flying doctor and the remote in turn. The Scout and doctor went down after a while but the remote soaked every hit and stood firm. The sleeze from the roof bathed it in fire as well, nothing happened. The Nomads surely know how to build these things! (The Lunokhood saved 2 HRL hits and 6 HMG hits in total, I was a little bit frustrated here…)


The patchy droid ran up to the scrambler and punched something in, as the Consruct took position behind the van again. The Damsel still struggling to free herself from it. (Took 3rd console, even though still not in order, one more OP)

CA 3.7

The robe (Umbra) ran forward and fired his shotgun at the Paramedic (Alquacil) among the trees, the Medic went down. (Umbra ran forwards and won FTF against Alquacil, in 8 of HVT, for secure HVT).


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The Nomads boss ran outside and tanked the mine in their midst, running to secure someone behind the building. (Wildcat running out, dodging the mine and preventing secure HVT)

N 3.1

The Hacker (Alquacil) ran up to the first scrambler the aliens had meesed with and reversed their work, keeping the scrambler active for now. (1 OP for the Nomads, for a console).

N 3.2

Another Nomad dropped, but was off the mark. (Hellcat failed, even with Assisted Jump) He landed in front of the Construct, but it missed with the reaction shot. The Hellcat ran towards the Scrambler occupied by the patchy droid (who did not turn around due to a 19 on change facing) but was shot down by the Construct, I could hear the Damsels wail up to my position, poor girl.


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The Hacker made an attempt to get rid of the robed one (Umbra), first nothing happened and then the Nomad broke down like a, a, well puppet, just like that. (Hacking duel, first time Umbra lost and saved the Brain Blast, 2nd time the Alquacil lost and failed both BTS against the Sucker Punch)

N 3.6

The aliens departed then and the Nomads secured the scramblers, but they were too few to give chase. (The game ended here, 7-1)


“That all?”

“Yes, Sir.”

“Good, move out, we gotta get that Damsel back.”

“Yes, Sir, I look forward to take revenge on these things.”

(Well my army worked almost perfectly, turning everything into an uphill battle for him from turn one. The Charontid was brutally effective in this scenario. CA is an evil thing^^)


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