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To Oppress and Subjugate: CA Battle Report, Defiant Truth

I didn´t plan on doing a report, therefore only a small number of pictures. I hope it still is followable.



„So, what did you see, laddie?“

„Not much, well most of it, but not me, only the cameras. I am a technician you know?“

“Yes, I know, laddie. It says on your badge. So what did your cameras see?”

  • Debrief of technician Charles Lee of the maintenance squad of District 17 by Scots Guard McLellan in the aftermath of the Cantina shootout.


I was just adjusting the feeds to maximum capacity, no one but the PanOceanian women (Stringer) was around, wait there was the guy from NeoTerra as well in the Saloon (CA HVT) and the repair bot the Nomads forgot to take with them last time (Nomad HVT). Everything seemed quiet.

Suddenly these guys creep out of the woods, or better from the sky. Two pods landed (the explosion and smoke templates on both sides are the dropships) and they scurried around. Most of them robots, a bunch took position at the administration. They were led by this gloomy guy in robes, he scared the shit out of me through the camera. (TR Drone, EVO-Drone, Slave Drones and the Unidron Link with Umbra Leader (Lt) took position in the centre).

I was lucky they kept outside, as I was ducking beneath my table in the administration. Close to the small barrack something dropped and another robot with flamers stood around. (Imetron and Ikadron on left flank) Another Robot and another antenna on the other side, in the workshop next to the Saloon. (Doctor Worm, Imetron 2). I think the guy didn´t notice anything as he kept drinking. Finally a large robot with mean eyes hid behind the bus station on my left (Xeodrone).

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Shortly after two more ships dropped, thankfully some Nomads commandos sprang from them. A lone doctor and a heavy went to the large barracks on the right. (Daktari in the building with advertisement on top and the Brigada (Lt) next to the bus.) A five man team secured the other barracks, with a Sniper and a Missile launcher on top. (Link Team into the building, Hacker and Medic on lower levels) A TAG, one of the small lizards (Gecko) stopped at the garden wall. Some guy with a sickle (Jaguar) I wondered what was up with him and some guy with a sniper rifle I couldn´t see very well (Intruder Sniper) entered the storehouse. Also some guy (Moran FO) and his Koalas went close to the Cantina, where the PanO gal chilled, she seemed unconcerned.


The robots around me started moving, one did something to another one (Marksman on one of the FO Batroids) and they started moving. First the gloomy robe sneaked to the public access terminal (Evauation console, cautious movement to get the Umbra out of Line of Sight of the Alquacil Sniper) then they all moved into the Cantina, the one stopping at the console again to do something. (Link enters the Objective Room, Umbra takes position at Stringer, FO activates console on the way) Probably they checked data or something, or put up a virus, I guess.

One of them took position behind some food spenders and shot the Koala guy, the guy died, but the shooting robot was hit by one Koala. It was damaged for sure. (Koala put the Unidron on Dogged) Then, Then it ran outside and shot wildly around putting down the Missile Launcher guy, it came again and marked the Sniper and the lizard (Gecko). Then they all fell back securing the Cantina only their Sniper had a go at the TAG and was shot down. The gloomy guy walked outside with the PanO girl (Stringer) behind him. Hard to say if she was willing. I wouldn´t have stood up against that thing, I know for sure.


(Turn 1 CA 2 OP, 1 Console, 1 Telemetry, we played with 2 Classifieds and reduced having the Stringer in CivEvac to 2 points)

Smoke erupted on the storehouse and shots came through it, tearing large chunks of the robot on top of Administration. (2 Damage to the TR remote, which got Marksman from the EVO Drone at the end of turn)

Another Nomad dropped behind Administration (Hacker supported drop beforehand), he landed on spot, came around the corner and nothing happened. He was hit by the robot (Evo) and hit the gloomy guy (saved the hit)

The Brigada started moving and finally arrived at the edge of the garden, there he shot the gloomy guy, who fell down and stopped moving, I kinda was relieved about that. (Loss of Lt for the Onyx)

More shots landed in the robot on top and it collapsed completely. I think the Medic tried to help the Sniper on the barracks, but nothing happened. (2 hits with Medkit, 1 fail one pass)

The Aliens seemed distracted (transferring the Q-Drone and the Fractaa into the first group, turning 2 orders regular), as one more showed up (Fractaa) and shot the Hellcat, that´s what the Nomad jumpers are called right? Into the back.


The huge robot (Xeodrone) jumped, yes, jumped like a Dogface, I swear! Onto Administration and shot at the Brigada while getting hit from the guy (Intruder) on storage. No one was hurt, but the Brigada shrunk back into cover. The tiny robot behind the bus (Slave Drone) started moving and repaired the Sniper robot, dang! Otherwise they moved a little bit around. Only the robot behind administration started to fire into the air (Suppressive).


The TAG started moving in response and first shot down the Sniper robot and then the two robots and the tiny robot in the Cantina (put all Unidrons on dogged as well as knocked out the Slave Drone).

The Nomad doctor (Daktari) started running towards the Saloon, dodging fire arcs and shooting down one of the Alien Antennas (Imetron). Then she ran into the Saloon and injected the PanO guy (HVT) with something or scanned his face, I dunno. Also she shot at the robot at administration, it was hit but nothing happened.

(1 OP for the Nomads Inoculation)

The huge robot jumped from the roof, talked to the Pano girl and went off in the direction of the right dropship. On the way it killed the Nomad doctor, shooting her right under the nose of PanO guy, he didn´t seem to notice and kept drinking though.

It stopped behind some walls and filled the air with bullets, as did the strange robot in the workshop (Doctor Worm, both on suppressive).


The TAG started to march to the Cantina, the pilot dropped out and did something at the console there. (1 OP for Nomads for the Console)

The TAG then attacked the huge robot, hitting it with an electric charge on the second exchange, the thing froze. I did “Hooray” at this point. The Brigada ran across from his position attacked the strange robot, hit it but it took the hit, then he ran towards the PanO girl and was shot during this. He went down but managed to talk to her first. Don´t know what she said, but she ran away after that. The Aliens ran away too. Then you showed up.

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(It ended in a draw in OP, but the CA had 10 surviving points more, so technically a victory point win. It was a close game with some bad decisions but mostly just hard choices. It ended on the last order, which is a bonus)


I forgot to take a picture of mine…CY

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