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Mortal Guardians – TAK Battle report

So after a long silence something for the end of the year and again the hope to be more active again… I painted a TAK army over Christmas and could put it to use today. Enjoy:)

I fielded a Ratnik, a Vet Kazak Paramedic, a Strelok FO, a Kazak Doc, a BS Spetsnaz, 3 Tank Hunters (Lt, HMG, Autocannon) and 2 Scouts (BS, FO)

Truppe 1

He had a Kempetai CoC, 3 Keisotsu (Hacker, Lt and FO), 2 Ryuken (Batou and Kusanagi), a Daiyokai with Red Fury, a TR remote and the Kuroshi in group 1, a Ninja FO, an Oniwaban and a Keisotsu FO in group 2.

Mission was Engineering Deck, with 2 Classifieds instead of Data Tracker. I won and chose Deployment, he went first, I stripped two orders from pool 1.


The door closed and left the snowstorm outside. Krajst pulled back his hood and ripped of his mask to breathe freely. Before him the wounded limped in. “Hey Francesca. I patch them up, you do the report.” “Figures Grisha, you want the easy part.” Both men smiled and Krajst marched over to the briefing room. As always Victor was there planning and observing.

“Reporting back from training detail.”

“At ease, give me the brief.”

“Da. We approached the outer warehouse of the Kurage station. It was still in disrepair from the fighting not long ago. The Nipps lay in wait for us, as ordered we all used training rounds. Their hardest hitters were a Daiyokai and a HMG remote in high position. We dispersed.”

“The bike started towards us and skirted along the central elevator, which we wanted to capture. Then a rocket trooper emerged and fired at the Khaleesi (Ratnik), she fired back and hit the guy, he went down. Their forward deployed skirmisher tried to find better cover but the Khaleesi put her down as well. (Both Ryūken fall to the Ratniks ARO)

“The Daiyokai comes forward and trades fire with the Mean (Autocannon Tank Hunter), but the Mean goes down.”

“The Daiyokai marches on and tears parts from the Ratnik and wounds Mitrofan (Vet Kazak). On the other flank their man with their surveillance robot (Xenotech played by a Karakuri) advanced to one of the power relays(Consoles). “

The Lt orders Vlad (Spetsnaz) to rope in, he comes in silently and takes out the Remote with a Grenade (speculative, hit and killed with the first try), then wants to take down their man at the power relay, but gets jumped by thermo (Ninja), he blasts the thermo but the grunt gets away – twice, then he puts him down as well.” (Ninja tried to engage and was crited, the Keisotsu saved himself with a crit of his own, then survives a hit, before going down – basically his flank is eradicated)

“The Khaleesi and Mitrofan advance to secure against more attacks of the Daiyokai. But Mitrofan is jumped by another thermo (Oniwaban), he puts him on fire, but he survives before taking Mitro down. He then slithers into the back of the Khaleesi, Grisha (Kazak Doc) shots him on the way, but he shrugs it off. He cuts the Khaleesi into shreds before the Daiyokai comes around and shots at Grisha. Grisha is hit but guts it and shrinks out of sight. Their team advances and takes control of their closest power relay.”


“The Lt orders a general advance (Lt, Tank Hunter HMG, Strelok and BS Scout), I set up shop in the elevator, but one of the grunts (Keisotsu) spots me on the way. Good eyes that kid, gotta tell him that. Lena (Strelok) is at one of the relays now and Mikhail (HMG) and the Lt are closer to the elevator. Mikhail takes out their Second in Command (Kempetai), while the hacker grunt survives the hit. I place a mine in the entrance discouraging stupid moves from the Nipps. As I and Mikhail go back into hiding (recamo, coordinated) Grisha takes the scenic route (cautious move) with our surveillance gal (Xenotech played by a Tariqa) and she sets up her Mcguffin close to the guard tower. Where it scans their frequencies for intel.”

“They get desperate and the Bike eats the mine and tries to goad Mikhail from hiding, he doesn’t bite, but the gal just goes on after the hit. Their team moves, but Mikhail puts down their Hacker on the way out. The Daiyokai comes around and shreds Mikhails cover until finally taking him down. (4 orders of shooting against the Tank Hunter, 2 times he saves the hit, 1 time he hits the Daiyokai who saves, then he is critted.) The biker whirled around and connected the second relay on our right flank.”


“Being basically alone Lena (Strelok) connects a relay on our left, then starts marching to the last unconnected one where Vlad took out the grunt. The Lt, takes down a grunt who covers her approach, but she is shot by another grunt as well. (Both Lt go down) Slipping under the nose of the Daiyokai as well (one cautious move) she gets to the relay and connects it. James (Scout FO) finally moves and marks the last standing grunt to remind the Nipps he was there. (Classified Telemetry) They called it a day then and took their loss. We had a short debrief with their Commander in Chief, but he will call you soon anyway.”

3.1 A

So after sitting around for 2 rounds she finally does something, and wins the game:)

“Thanks. Well done for a first job. How got everyone along?”

“No problems this far.”

“Good. Get some rest.”



Result was 7 – 2 for my TAK (3 points for the room, 2 for Consoles, Xenotech and 1 Classified, he got 2 for the Consoles)

We both were worried after his two Ryuken went down that this would be a boring game, but it turned out okay, crits were well distributed. My first game of TAK and his of JSA, I think he revealed his Ninja to soon and left his right flank too open. In other notes: I need smoke grenades. CY



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