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The Red Raven Company – TAK army project

So originally I intended to start this post with a picture of the metal heap that were the unfinished miniatures. But as I had a painting fit over Christmas (10 models in 4 days) I start with the finished ones but first some fluff.

Unit Name: The Red Raven Company

Symbol: A Red Raven, A written KB (Krasnyy Voron – Red Raven) in Kyrillic

Motto: Official: Incoming R & R, Unofficial: Fire does not burn a Raven

Leader: Olga da Myera, Chiara Bianchi, Victor Kersnost (Main Field Officers)

Manyesha Parla Paradfashan (O-12 Bureau Aegis Officer)

Deplyoment: Mainly Paradiso and Novy Cimmeria

The Red Raven Company is the brainchild of Manyesha Parla Paradfashan, an O-12 analyst and logistics officer. Some call him rather a fixer than an analyst, but he doesn´t care, he fights for the security of the Human Sphere, illegally if need be. With the onset of more CA infiltrators and unreliability of human cooperation he wanted a task force to patrol not only the perimeters of the Human Sphere but also able to fight inside enemies. Taking the threat of the Sepsitor in account he turned to the Stavka. The Stavka is aware of the usefulness of being in the good graces of Bureau Aegis and went along with the idea. Manyu (as Mr. Paradfashan is called by the members of the Ravens) got the license to recruit his team and was pointed towards Krajstnow Pavlonovski a seasoned Scout to assemble his crew. Pavlonovski knew just the right people to collect for this endeavour.

In battle cant they refer to each other as numbered KB, as it made for an easier understanding with other forces, and the inherent pun, they started to refer to themselves in English. Especially the pun on the motto was well received.

Before send off to Paradiso they took part in some training manoeuvres in Novy Cimmeria with the Nipponese army.


Important Members:

Krajstnow Pavlonovski „Francesca“ – Scout

Krajsz Pavlonovski - Francesca

Krajst, as he likes to be called, comes from a family of service, his parents and his grandparents served as border guard for Rodina. So does he. Krajst is a real believer in cooperation between the Ariadnan people and seriously tries to make everyone get along, the depth of human depravation he witnessed during his duty mar that outlook somewhat but couldn´t break it. He rarely stays in the same place for long and is a home on the road, fighting for what he believes. Some say he believes in having a woman in every border town and that some girl trouble got him banned to the fringes of Rodina and Ariadna, but you will not find him comment on that. His nickname stems from a long standing fling with a Merovingian girl, whose name he never revealed, so his comrades picked one and slapped it on him. He might punch you for using it, but he will pull your ass out of any fire any day. Just as his ancestors did.

Anastasiya Fyodorov „Khaleesi“ – Ratnik

Anastasiya Fyodorov aka Khaleesi

Anastasiya Fyodorov might be called unhinged, most would use stronger terms though. Despite that she is a charismatic, energetic figure with a trigger happy attitude. A career soldier from the age of 15 she always liked to shot things. Her parents were handymen and they helped build stanitsas all over Tartary. Her father died to an Antipode raid, her mother somewhat later in the hospital after giving birth to her cursed brother Mitrofan. Her older brother Mikail got leave from his training to take care of his siblings. Anastasiya was 14 at the time and buried her head in old earthen literature to forget. Her favourite was a broken old e-book that belonged to her father, it was somewhat garbled and passages were mixed or missing, still she read it over and over. For some reason she took the female lead character as her heroine, also she wanted to put her affinity for shooting to good use. She begged her brother to take her with him to the army. Not wanting to deal with a rebellious teenager he complied and she was well received. Lacking in discipline but not in aptitude she was soon kicked out of any infiltration training, but remained in the Kazak corp. At some point she stumbled over a broken Ratnik and repaired it herself, suiting up just in time to repel an Antipode attack. During it she walked into a burning refinery to kill everything inside it, mostly as a side effect she saved all the workers, but was engulfed in flames all along. Miraculously she survived almost unhurt buried under the corpses of several Antipodes. Most agree that was the time she finally snapped and her battle cry – Fire does no burn a raven! – emerged. With all her faults she is a terrific solider and a nice person to be around- when you can ignore the in between fits of crazy.

Chiara Bianchi – Tank Hunter Lt/Vassiliy/CoC

Chiara Bianchi

Anatoly Antonov “The Mean”

The Mean - Anatoly Antonov

Mikahil Fodorov

Mikhail Fyodorov

Mitrofan Matrara

Mitrofan Matrara

Pietr Kurasky “Vlad”

Vlad - Pietr Kurasky

Grisha Kamask

Grisha Kamask

James Caspar Naumov

James Caspar Naumov

Lena Andreev – Strelok

Lena Andreev

More Details on the character follow when I wrote them. Thanks for looking. CY


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