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New Year & Nostalgic Notions: Resident Evil 2

A happy new year to everyone reading, I know it already is 2 weeks in, but I haven´t seen any of you yet;)

So on January 8th I finally got my shipment of Resident Evil 2 The Board Game.


Well that looks dull, let´s change that.


I did not pledge everything back then, as I think Hunk a boring character, proceeding to open it you are met by this:


A nice touch which Steamforged did with Dark Souls as well, even though they still haven´t delivered everything from that Kickstarter…

I am fairly please with the models and cardboard, even though the tiles are somewhat dark, which is sold as intended so that players not familiar with the game can just pick any fitting tile for constructing the playing field. It saves you the search for tile 17c etc. yet tones down the feeling of ´originality´ when the wrong tiles are used.

The only thing really annoying was the missing plastic stems in order to assemble the ammunition dials, probably an oversight in packaging. I am not going to rectify this with Steamforged, as I am too lazy…

Some more pictures of stuff for the end of this post.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

So now I only need a fitting console to play the Resi 2 Remake due in 11 days:)


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