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Nostalgic Notions: RE2 Remake

So today I finally managed to clear the Leon B scenario and thusly end my first run of RE 2. Being sick since the 23. I actually took quite long finishing it, but what you gonna do, when the virus strikes, right?


I am a huge fan of RE 2, as some other posts here clearly establish and I actually bought an Xone, a monitor and sound boxes, just to be able to play it on a console (PS4 was way more expensive). So how is it?


Gross! I love it:) They actually made a good remake here. The story is basically the same, but has some changes ans twists to make it enjoyable for veterans as well. The graphics is obviously awesome, but I for one miss the fixed camera angles (maybe I am just not as good in adapting to a moving camera than I´d hoped though^^).

So far I only have played on Standard difficulty and got B & C for the first runs, which is okay. Maybe even better than I did in the original, but I seriously don´t remember.


My only real beef is with the running controls. For some reason that I still have to evaluate my Claire and Leon sometimes just don´t start running, when I press the left stick. Most of my deaths are in boss fights due to this very effect. Which is annoying. I am still bad at dodging zombies though, I really have to get better at that.

The whole atmosphere of the game is awesome and it clearly shows you when you can´t run from a fight, so no one should be surprised by that. In my first play I arrived at the orphanage with literally 1 HP and no ammunition, seeing Mr. X come at me at that moment was … unsettling. He is a real PITA anyway, just as he should be.


If I ever wanna beat it on Hardcore I have to train a lot and I hope I find the time, In addition I also definitely wanna play with the Noir filtre with the 1998 soundtrack. Next up is Leon A Claire B and we´ll see what is different. I find it a little sad though that with both you have to fight G 1,2 and 3, that was solved better in the old one I think.

So enough of that now comes my rant about modern gaming consoles, so everyone here only for RE 2, have a good day:)


Everyone else, hi. I really dislike modern consoles, I can´t play a game, when I buy it????? My FF XV had to install 70 GB of data before I could start? What is wrong with you people? For me a console is a gaming station, not more not less, all this social media, internet crap, I don´t want it. I wanna play. That I had to make a Microsoft account to start my console? Okay, I guess that probably will be my last one. If it works like a computer, I just as well might buy one.

Rant end;)




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