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The Paint Pain: Last Year Ariadnas and new CA

So in trying to be more consistent here, some pictures of painted goodies.

First some Ariadnans which I painted before New Year (we played a game on Sylvester with them;))

OM & LL &LI & IAn 1

All in all, I have 18 painted natives of Dawn now and almost 400 points to field, still some missing obviously. Especially the 2 other Antipodes and the Controller… I love the sculpted scars on the Antipode, I have to confess. Also Lunah gets used as Frontovik, as I dislike their miniatures.

Then last Saturday I had a painting fit:

I love this guy, one of the reasons for me to start CA in the first place, we also had a game on Sunday, which I did not write a report about, because I was horribly sick. The Anathematics did good, the Sphinx totally sucked and lost me the game…

I hence proceeded to paint some Morat

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

a Suryat and a Raktorak are not visible here. Now I need to finish the Raicho and seriosuly get some Hungries…

CY soon



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