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Mortal Guardians – Problems with Nomads

Mortal Guardians – Trouble with Nomads.

Some while ago, we had a little smackdown with Nomads and my TAK, he was a little surprised that I did not played CA, so he was a little surprised by my Deployment of this


Mission was Quadrant Control with one extra Classified and reduced points for holding and some panoplies for fun, to spice it up.

He brought a new mixed link of a Mobile Brigada (LT,), a MB HMG, an Alquacile Hacker (Datatracker), Lupe and a Daktari. An Intruder Hacker, an Iguana, Senor and two Jaguars filled it up. (KwBgTAPgzCIQUgVwM4BcAEALAhgNwKbqoD2RATgJ4RjACkALAGxi1QCMAnPbQIRtsN6ADlptG9EL36CRYibwDsg7mJq9GgqKObceG+vS2rJPOgZZixUrfVDbDvMC1sdtwDXwZRZwIdwACgUA)


I just had finished painting my Antipodes so they had to come along. So “Mantis” (Controler), brought them. Olga (Vassily Sniper LT) led the team, Chiara (TH CoC) was her backup, James (Scout Minelayer), Francesca (Scout BS) and Lena (Strelok Minelayer) provided frontline security, Mikhail (TH HMG), and the Khaleesi (Ratnik) in a Duo with Mitrofan (Vet Kazak Medic Datatracker) were Backup, Pablo and Fuerte (CR Irmandinhos) were the reserves.



So here is the Deployment before we jump into the action.


The dropship made a whining noise as it set down in the street. Mitrofan looked up from the sleeping Olga, who he just had patched together. Several Kazaks jumped from it and took position before Victor stepped out, Mitrofan couldn´t but notice how young he seemed. Vlad was accompanying him, the Spetsnaz being an extra precaution out here.

Vlad nodded to Mitrofan, he returned the gesture before adressing Victor. „Privet, LT. She is securing the front.“ Mitrofan was refering to Chiara who was officially in charge here. He looked at the bunch of wounded, the still smouldering Ratnik armour being the most obvious thing. „What happened Kapitan Matrara?“

Mitrofan, strocked his chin. „Well, we were on our stroll here, when Francesca (Scout) called out some strangers running around. So we assembled. You ordered us to secure these weapon chaces left by the PanO guys. The Nads seemed to have other plans.“

He spat out. „First their damned Tag rampaged towards us, cracking open the case (Iguana got an ADHL) while trying to get a bead on Olga (Discover failed). Then he had a go at the Khaleesi, the bullets ripped through her gear pretty well and she shut down. Trapping the gal inside. (exactly two hits on the Ratnik saw me fail two ARM 9 saves…)

N 1.1

“On the other flank they came through the tunnels (the bridges on the streets are actually tunnels) and smoked everything to cover their advance (he rolled a 17 and a 20 for smoke, we were stunned at this failure until we realised that a 17 is a crit). The guys in front did the same (Jaguars smoked to advance).”

“Pablo and Fuerto (Irmandinhos) couldn´t hold it and ran towards the Nads. Fuerto cracked open the case and rummaged inside, finding nothing of note (he found +1 Arm, but had rolled +2 at the start of the battle). Pablo threw some smoke on the TAG and was flamed for that, but he put it out quickly (survived the flamer).”

“Mantis (Controller) unleashed her pretties (3 orders running to get into position) and they tore the TAG apart. (one gets gunned down by the MB HMG on the way in)”


Smoke removed for a better view

“The Operator gets ejected and lands on the building over there. James (Scout Minelayer) breaks cover to shot him down. (The operator caem out with 1 wound due to the 3 wounds from the Antipodes…). Mikhail (TH HMG) also breaks to gun down the sword guy. (Massacre). Francesca (BS Scout) puts down a mine to hinder the Jaguars, before all three shrink back. (coordinated re-camo)”

“On the left, they smoke again to come forward, their HMG gets a shot at Olga (Vassily) and puts her down. They come closer but their leader gets hit by the Mauler James placed beforehand. (MB LT Isolated and Immobilized, it was a close call concerning the the LoF though, The LT also loses a wound to the Chain Rifle of the Irmandinho, who smokes himself later) Their HMG then tries to get a bead on James but fails. (Discover shoot fails). One of the Jaguars sprays the pretties and Pablo. One of them and Pablo go down.”

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“The last of the pretties slashes at the Jaguar but gets chopped down, Mikhail wants to shoot him, but he smokes. Francesca, Lena (Strelok) and I advance, both of them laying down some mines on the way. Mikhail then gunned down their HMG.”

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“Their first Jaguar runs up and triggers all the mines to clear the way for his friend. He gets splattered and Len just puts down another one to shut down the other one. He goes for it anyway, finishing of the pretties (Coup de Grace classified), and guts the mine. Their Hacker tries to scan something (Spotlight for classified) and Fuerto (Irmandinho) tanks a hit from their last gunfighter (Lupe).”

Mitrofan shrugged.

“Well Mikhail gunned down the last Jaguar then, I got around the corner and took out their backline man (Intruder) and Francesca cracked open the case again. The rest of them surrendered then. We send them packing.”

He pointed behind him. Where a bunch of tied up Nomads was lying around. “These are your problem boss.”

So I don´t remeber the exact score anymore but it was a win for TAK, him getting both classifieds in the last turn was good and his damned Jaguars really made it hard. Otherwise it would have been a lame game though. The Antipodes ripping the TAG apart and the LT getting isolated really gutted him. Next time he wants to bring a dedicated anti-camo list against my TAK, we´ll see.



Nice 🙂





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