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The Paint Pain: Some Morat and Yu Jing

So I was painting a little bit lately, actually instead of working, but…

First I churned out some Morat, which also will have a busy day today, as two games are planed:) If everything goes as planned I´ll have reports.

But now to pictures:

S & RR 3R 2R 1DSCN6358K

The last ones are my converted Krakot, based on Daturazi, with some green stuff to the head. The different colour allocation sets them apart from the Daturazi, which is what I wanted.

Also I did some Camo Markers for Yu Jing.

And this beauty got painted as well. (I am totally hyped for IA, but Yu Jing is one of my two main opponents…)

That´s it for now. CY



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