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Bad Days Kampfgruppe Freitag der 13.: MAF Battle Report


so my MAF had it´s first tryout we went for Unmasking. MAF against IA

This was my Army


Kornak LT, A Vanguard Hacker and Medic, Anyat, A Suryat (Tac Awarenes) and Shotgun Raktorak (5 man link), a Zerat Killer Hacker, one Chain Rifle Daturazi, CR Raktorak and the Full Auto Sogarat (Duo). To be honest I just wanted to play the Sogarat^^


His list was strange


2 Zhanshi, 1 HaiDao MSV2, 1 HaiDao Red Fury, Engineer + 2 Yao Zao, Tai Sheng, a TR Remote, a Guijia and a Daoying Hacker LT. Only nine orders…


He hadn´t played in a while and I advised him to make a Link Team with the HaiDao Sniper and Zhanshi, also he wanted to put his Lt up front and I had first turn, so I advised against it.

The table was like this:

So off to the report:

Surveillance remote 17-4/Rashnu reporting to Hexahedron local headquarter.

Activity in sector 12/34-4 Nostralia, Accesspoint to Yingquan Highway 2

Activity of hostile forces [Morat Aggression Force; Kampfgruppe 13/Freitag]

Activity of Invincible army


Tactical commentary enabled. Sequence of events.

Morat 1 (ISC Daturazi) closes on IA lines. No combat activity.

M 1.1

Morat 8 (ISC Suryat) attacks IA troops (ISC Guijia; ISC Husong Yakong; ISC HaiDao). Morat 8 (ISC Suryat) is hit and collapses [unconscious], Guijia and Husong are hit and damaged. [TR unconscious, Guija 1 wound]

Morat 9 (ISC Vanguard; Paramedic) attempts revival of Morat 8 (ISC Suryat), fails.

Morat 2 (ISC Sogarat) and Morat 6 (ISC Raktorak) advance and attack HaiDao. HaiDao is hit and KIA. Morat 2 (ISC Sogarat) and Morat 6 (ISC Raktorak) advance and attack IA troop (ISC ZuYong[Tai Sheng]) several bouts of shooting; ZuYong is KIA. Morat 6 (ISC Raktorak) manipulates Data Storage #-3. [Guessing the wrong HVT]

Morat 4 (ISC Treitak [Anyat]), Morat 3 (ISC Vanguard; Hacker), Morat 7 (ISC Raktorak). advance and position to manipulate Data Storage #-1; usage of smoke; manipulation of Data Storage #-1 fails.

M 1.4

All this for naught. And I left the Sogarat out of cover for this!!

Morat 10 (ISC Zerat; Hacker), Morat 5 (ID Hosuk Nekrat [Kornak]) remained inactive.

IA troops activity. Troop (ISC Zhanshi Gongcheng) activates remote (ISC YaoZao) and attempts repair of Husong, successful repair. [Three command token were needed though!!]  Guijia adances towards Morat lines, attacks Morat 6 (ISC Raktorak) Morat 6 (ISC Raktorak) responds with fire attack, misses Morat 6 (ISC Raktorak) is KIA.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

I 1.4

So close, 2 mm…

Guijia attacks Morat 2 (ISC Sogarat) several bouts of shooting, Guijia and Morat 2 (ISC Sogarat) are wounded/damaged. [Sogarat tanked 4 hits from the Guijia in the open, in hindsight I think we forgot about fatality though and the Sogarat probably should have gone down…] Guijia repositions. IA LT (ISC Daoying) reprogramms Husong and returns to camouflage. [Assisted Fire]


Morat 4 (ISC Treitak [Anyat]), Morat 3 (ISC Vanguard; Hacker), Morat 7 (ISC Raktorak). advance and position to manipulate Data Storage #-1; usage of smoke; manipulation of Data Storage #-1 successful; Agent revealed. Position #-ceta, proximity to Guijia.

M 2.1

Morat 1 (ISC Daturazi) advances; extensive usage of smoke; closes on Guijia.

Morat 1 (ISC Daturazi) attacks from concealment [Intuitive attack] Guijia and Agent (Designated Target) are hit by Chain Rifle. Guijia terminal damage, Agent alive. Morat 1 (ISC Daturazi) leaves smoke after destroying Guijia [Coup de Grace] and attacks Agent, Agent KIA. Husong attacks Morat 1 (ISC Daturazi) all attacks miss.

IA troops advance, Daoying attacks Morat 3 (ISC Vanguard, Hacker) via Maya;

Daoying attacks Morat 3 (ISC Vanguard, Hacker) via Maya

Daoying attacks Morat 3 (ISC Vanguard, Hacker) via Maya, Daoying KIA [3 attempts of Brain Blast saw the Morat tank two hits and crit on the third one with Sucker Punch. He conceded at this point]

I 2.2

Well that sucked…

Defence line broken, IA in retreat, MAF in advance, deployment of troops advised.

End of report


So we ended in his second turn as he only had 2 Zhanshi, 1 Engineer, a TR remote and an HaiDao with 2 orders left and no objective completed so far. While I had lost 1 model and killed the Designated target. In hindsight should the Sogarat have been dead as well, as I didn´t use it in my second turn, that is not that huge, but still.

His first game after a long while and we had a long discussion about his list and tactics afterwards.

Next report follows soon.

Thanks for reading.



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