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Bad Days Kampfgruppe Freitag der 13. MAF Battle Report

So the second game of the evening. We knew we would be three and we were up to try something so I wrote a custom scenario

The idea was an assault on a Human city. We knew we would be three players and so I build a custom scenario. The MAF were the attackers and in this case IA and PanO were defenders.
It was an asymmetric scenario with different winning conditions. As we did not want to crowd the 4×4 table too much half of the armies were in reserve. That means that onla half of the points (max. 310 MAF, Max 155 respectively IA/PanO) were initially deployed. The MAF LT had to be on the field, the defenders needed to have one, of which side was irrelevant. At the end of the second round all non-deployed models move onto the board with their first MOV value. Without provoking AROs. AD might be used for free as well, but here AROs were normal.

A short overview:M D

There were 5 Civilians up to three inches from the middle towards the attackers DZ (yellow circles). The attackers gets OP for Killing models (like in Annihilation, sized up for the points), killing the Data Trackers of the Defender, keeping his LT alive, capturing civilians either synchronized or in CaseEvac and from 2 Extreme Classifieds. Max. 21 OP

Defenders get points for surviving troops (less points needed than to kill for the attacker), Killing the enemy LT, completing Data Scans with their Data Tracker, evacuating civilians to their DZ (up to 15 points possible) and 2 normal classifieds, but -1 point for every killed civilian. Attacker may attack Civilians (because CA). Max 25 OP (- 5 possible)

Civilians are neutral until the first one is synchronized or hurt, then they become hostile towards the attacker.

Two more pictures of the table.


Here are the army lists:



Group 1

Q-Drone Plasma, Zerat Red Fury, Krakot BS, Yaogat Sniper, Daturazi CR, Vanguard Hacker, Vanguard FO, Anyat, Suryat HMG TacAw, Raktorak VS

Group 2

Kornak LT, Ikadron, Suryat Haris, Suryat HRL, Raktorak Flamer, MedTech + Slave, Kurgat Mk12 + Slave, Rasyat BS, Raicho HS

I don´t have their complete lists but it was around this:

Yu Jing: 2 x TR Remote, Rui Shi, Daoying Hacker LT, Hulang, Mowang, HaiDao MSR, Liu Xing + two things I forgot which never showed up

PanO: Joan, Nisse Sniper, Regular Sniper, Swiss HMG, Fusilier FO, Akal, Machinist, Trauma Doc + Palbot

Here are pictures of the Deployment and the we give the word to our sniper.


“Ze Basek Horutak, report.” The voice of the Hosuk in Command came loud and clear over the commline. He took his eye from his rifle’s sight and knelt down against the cover of his tower.

“Five defensive elements on the wall and one out on the building in direction 4, Hosuk. Element in direction 4, 3 and 11 have vision capability, threats in 2 to 12 have not, 1 and 12 are high reaction.”

“Confirmed hold position.”

An order Horutak always liked. He shifted his attention to the tactical overlay to see what happened. The Daturazi advanced but no cloud appeared, that was odd. The Zerat, which was close to the targets, attacked the shooter in direction 4 (Nisse on the roof, one hit went through Nisse failed the roll exactly with a 7) and killed him. Not bad.

The team advanced and the Treitak (Anyat) smoked most of the elements. The Suryat took up position and fired at the shooter in 11 (Haidao Sniper, the TR were blocked through the smoke). The Suryat staggered, the human actually had hit. (Crit from the Haidao) Impressive for a human. The Suryat send another volley and the shooter went down.

“Ze Basek Horutak, take down shooter in 3 then 2.”


He rose smoothly pulled up his rifel and aimed at the remote, his visor easily blended out the intervening smoke and he saw it clearly. The thing immediately reacted to him, it had visibility of him. It was out of range, as he knew. He shot almost the instant his rifle got to rest and could see his projectile explode inside the frontal part. Turning the thing off. (Rui Shi goes down) He panned left to see the figure of an entrenched human, he pulled the trigger, it lumped down in it’s position. (Regular unconscious) Before sitting down again he put two more slugs into the remote, wrecking it.

“Executed” he reported on the line to the Hosuk. He returned his attention to the overlay

The Daturazi smoked the target closest to the Hosuk (Kornak), and he went in to extract the target. The Hosuk came back empty handed (2 failed synchronize attempts), unexpected. The Zerat put down an explosive to hinder the enemy advance.

The smoke cleared out, before the Treitak could resupply it, the remaining shooters (both TR, one got Assisted fire before and it shot in game), barraged onto the Suryat and he went down. (3 orders HMG against Suryat, Suryat dead)

The human doctor (Trauma Doc) ran towards the sniper he had shot and fired something at him, the human died. (Attempt to Medikit the Regular).

Shortly after the Daturazi and the Treitak resupplied smoke on the target near the Hosuk and between him and the shooters.

“Ze Basek Horutak, take down shooter in 1.”


He got up again and aimed through the cloud before him, the remote came clearly into view. He fired four shots and the bot basically exploded from the impacts. He went down again.


He saw on his overlay that the Hosuk again returned empty handed to his position. (3 failed attempts to synchronize on a 14…) Very unexpected.

The Zerat approached a target and it followed her soon after. (First try with the Zerat worked…) She approached the backlines and protected her retreat with another explosive. (Civilian in the MAF DZ)

A thermooptic trooper appeared in section 1 and closed on their ranks, it ran along the flank of the team (Lin Team) and fired a salvo at the Q-Drone defending the backline. The Trooper, a heavy Swiss as Horutak now could see, was hit squarely by two plasma clouds and stopped moving, most likely dead in his suit. (The Swiss HMG took two crits from the Q-Drone in ARO and failed both additional saves on a 1 and 2, so lost 4 wounds…)

He could see a general retreat from the humans after this. He got up and covered their retreat as ordered. Then he opened a line to the descending Rasysat.

“The drinks are on you. No one left for you to kill to even my score.”

After losing the Swiss they conceded, as my reserves would come in now and I only had lost one model, and the Swiss would have had a good shot at Kornak, if he had not died to the Q-Drone so unluckily.

So we could not finally test the scenario, but it should work in general. I had some luck and they made some serious positioning mistakes, if you’d ask me. Especially not taking first turn was a grave one.

We’ll see how it goes next time. My MAF enter the scene with two resounding victories though:)

Thanks for reading.




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