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Bad Days for Daedalus – Campaign Battle Report I

So we started to play a campaign today. As I want to stick to angry monkeys and I just painted some Hungries I went with them. We did the first Daedalus Falls Mission from the new book. He won the roll off and decided for Deplyoment I took first turn.

Here is the table for our assault on the Nomad Commercial Mission during the first offensive:

Yes there is some greenery, People need to relax in space. The Escape pods were the entry points of the Morat invaders.

I brought this along:

Nomad Assault 1Morat

Group 1: 2x Preta, 2 x Gaki, Oznat VS, Ikadron, Sogarat Full Auto, Raktorak NCO, Daturazi CR

Group 2: Vanguard (Hacker, FO, Medic); Raktorak Red Fury; Suryat HMG Lt; Kurgat BS + Slave

He brough this:

Defense INomaden

Group 1: 4 x MB (Hacker, HMG, BS, BS Lt), Daktari, SpecOP, Alquacil Medic, 3x Wildcat (Haris, HRL, CR+Flamer)

Group 2:

Gecko CR –> has AD 2 thanks to the scenario

So here is the deplyoment:


So to the action, of course he took 2 orders from the main pool beforehand:

Security report Priority alpha-01 Commercial Mission “Arabella” Paradiso Orbit. Operator: Hans Baum

“Central. We had a hull breach in the green house. The Brigada is on the way. Some Wildcats on tour. I have a visual. What is that? Do you see this? Unkown assailant.”

The Sogarat towers into viwe of the camera and opens on the Wildcat. The Cat is surprised but shots from the hip incinerating the huge form.

[The Daturazi was unseen and advanced then the Sogarat used the NCO order and another one to attack the Wildcat. Three dice on 13 vs. 2 on 10, the Wildcat crits and I fail two more saves, removing the Sogarat. First attack and my main attack piece and Point Man was killed :(]M 1.1

“Whew, just like that! Go on girl.”

“Call me girl again and I break you something.”

“Sorry, arrgh what is that?”

The Hungries swarm into view, most of them obscured by smoke. One jumps onto a balcony and spews burning ashes at the Wildcat, she fires at it, but screams from the pain and collapses. The Hungry burns to nothing.

“Wow, no, Beware more of them.”

“I see that. Bring Back-up in.” One of the monsters rushes through the door and slashes at the Wildcat, who ducks and hits the claw with his shot, deflecting it away from his head.

[Link advances and takes out the Wildcat with a suicidal Preta, then the Hungries march on and the Preta enters CC with the Wildcat on 2nd floor, both hitting on a 15 so drawing and locking them in CC]

“Oh, Yeah. Good idea. Brigada squad where are you?”

“Take a look at you screen idiot, Damn take cover.”

A group of Invaders had come around and fired salvos at the Brigadas position. Two of them are hit, one goes down, one cringes in pain. [New Vanguard Link marches the long way to the other side and attacks the Brigada on their flank, killing the Point Man BS and wounding the HMG, but leaving the Hacker and Raktorak somewhat exposed. The Suryat loses 1 W through this and the Gaki stans at the door to block the Wildcat inside]

M 1.4

“Shut up man, tell them to send the hard guy.”

The Brigada cringed as he said that, but by then the Wildcat hat come out and shot the lone attacker next to the building, came around and shot another one in front. The Alquacil came up back and shot at the armoured invader and the monster. It exploded and the assailant went down.

“Whe, what was that? These things explode? But, yehaww show them who is boss? The hard guy? Ohy, yes. He is on his way.

[The Wildcat, killed the Vanguard Hacker and the Raktorak (who missed his save by 1 point), The Alquacil got a free shot at the Vanguard and Gaki, the explosion and two hits were enoguh to put my LT unconscious]

” I am here, relax. Die you…thing.”

A Gecko appeared from the maintenance shafts and shot at on of the attackers, who remained near. After some bursts it went down. [Gecko AD:2 in and my Raktorak failed 3 attempts to turn around, before he was critted to death]

“Going in to take out m..”

“Salerno? Damn the thing hit him.”

[The alquacil tried to take out the Medic Vanguard and took a crit in return]

N 1.5


“What no! Take care it comes down?”

“What, argh, two of them?”

Slashing wildly the monster cut deep into the torso of the brave Wildcat, another one ran at the last Wildcat and was set aflame before it reached him. The other one came down and spit ashes at the Wildcat, who collapsed. [The Oznat smoked the way for the Gaki, who ran at the Wildcat, but burned to death instead of exploding, the Preta put down the Wildcat on the first floor and came down to Chain rifle the last one, the Preta tanked the hit and the Wildcat went down]

M 2.1

“Take care they come back up.”

“I can see that ouch. Yeah take that!”

“Whew, you got him again!”

[The Vanguard medic killed the Raktorak, a 10 for the PH roll, 9 would have healed him and revived the Suryat, putting me back into the game. Then The Suryat put two hits on the Brigada HMG and the Hacker, which all were saved. Then he ran to attack the Hacker out of cover and went down again – basically sealing the game for the Morat]

M 2.2

“Advancing. Taking position near the civilan. Try to get a readout.”

“Can´t it is scrambled.”

“Arrgh, take this scum. Ha got one.”

“Now I can read it. She is harmless. Get her out.”

“Funny boy.”

[The Link advanced, killed the unconscious Suryat on the way and took two attempts to scan the HVT for classified, he also shot at the Daturazi, Oznat and FO (new Lt), the Oznat smoked on a 10, he hit on an 11, she went down, the FO tanked both hits.]



N 2.1

Reactive smoke



“It comes around.”

“Got it.”

Blood splatters all over the camera.

[The Preta runs towards the link and gets shot by the Panzerfaust of the Gecko]

“Hey, this guy runs into the ship!”

“Alert the next line, you fool!”

“Yeah, of course”

“Arrgh, I am blind, urrgh.”

[The FO runs into the DZ and scans the wall for classified, then retreats into the Deadzone for objective points. The Ikadron blinds the MB HMG, after he survived the Daturazis Chain rifle, The Daturazi smokes around, shots the Brigada HMG unconscious with his Pistol and engages the Daktari in CC, who is chopped down, but the Daturazi is obliterated by the Panzerfaust of the Gecko.]


“I am coming. Hah, ups.”

[Daktari dies to the PH roll]

“Gurgh, I am back. No second helping please!”

[MB HMG is revived]

“Yup, shouldn´t you be in there?”

The Alquacil waved at the Gecko Pilot, who shrugged and stepped back into the cockpit.

[He dismounted to count as a specialist for scoring]

“Come on, there are more of them. Central just put out code red!”

“Move it boys and girls!”


So a clear 9-2 for the Nomads, after the first crit which killed my most, expensive, most powerful model, I tried to claw back the game, but was bitten by dice all the time. Not so many crits, just many a roll which I barely lost. Some positioning mistakes added to this. Not my best day and not my best dice either. I also forgot to play my Combined Army theme, probably invited back luck:)

So I spent my 2 XP on getting +3 Initiative next game and was promoted, he was not promoted and his 9 XP still need to get spent. See you soon for the next one. The Morat will rise again.


Thanks for reading.




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