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Bad Days for Daedalus – Morat Battle Report

So finally a new game and a new report. Mission 2 of the Daedalus Falls campaign and a chance to get back on my feet after the 2-9 loss last time. I bought +3 Initiative with my XP, he got +6 to promotion, +1 SWC and Minelayer for is Spec Ops.

So let´s go into the lists, the table and then the narrative.

MoratA Truppe

The pdf is in the name up there. An Oznat hunter with sync. Preta, 2 Yaogat (Spitfire, Lt), Raktorak NCO, Q-Drone, Kurgat BS with Slave, Zerat Red Fury, Daturazi DA CCW, Krakot 2 CR and an Ikadron were group 1, Group 2 had an E-Drone a Rasyat BS and two Preta.

You have to destroy the AC2 of the opponent and protect yours, that what the Rasyat and the Q-Drone are for. Also on a WIP check you can put one model into the last 4 inch of the others DZ, my Preta were for guarding against that and the Oznat for doing it.

NomadenC Truppe

He brought 2 Intruder Sniper, 2 Bandit KHD, 2 Moran FO and 2 Jaguar CR in group 1. The Spec-op and 4 Wildcats (Lt, BS, HRL, CR) + 1 Daktari were group 2. One of his Bandits went in my DZ.

Here is the board and deployment. I had first turn.

Aufstellung N1 BAufstellung N2 BAufstellung M2 BAufstellung M1 B

Now to the action:

“Commence attack.”

The order came clear on the link. Brukat (Yaogat) relaxed the grip on his Spitfire somewhat, he soon would need it. He liked that. Behind him he heard the Hungry running towards his position to reach the enemy. His tactical HUD showed the rocket from the opposing dug-in fire team and the Preta was deleted from his HUD. The Signal from their advanced scouting Oznat also vanished, as did one enemy position (Spec-Op). His comrade Ratoya (Daturazi) also closed on his position. Good that would bring him cover. (Not yet though the Daturazi rolled a 20 for Smoke) The last Hungry ran towards the enemy lines and avoided a bullet. The Redeemer (Krakot) moved forward into attack position. Brukat grunted, he was not convinced that one like deserved a new chance to show his mettle.

(So the impetious went off. Daturazi and Krakot just advanced, the first Preta was annihilated by the HRL Wildcat and a Koala, the second one dodged the shot from the Moran who saw him and the Oznat went down killing the Spec-op, sadly missing the Jaguar. Him putting a camo marker in my DZ counteracted my Preta deplyoment to deal with the Risky Area infiltrator, good play.)

“Left Flank advance, cover!”

His comrade showered the gangway with smoke, clearing the way for Brukat and his team. Advancing as ordered he ran through the cloud until he reached some cover before the door he was headed for. From the corner of his eye he saw a movement, he instinctively turned his hip and fired into the form. One of his shots piercing the helmet through an eye. The figure collapsed. “Enemy Disguised down, advancing further.” “Acknowledged. Remove the Point man of the fire base.” “Understood.” He made more ground and slammed into the wall of the large elevator. The fire team was in front of him, blinded by the smoke. They had to go, in order for his comrades to reach the main objective. He aimed and put down the closest human with precision. (Daturazi smoked a corridor and the outer door of the elevator (objective room) to allow the Yaogat to attack and the Krakot to advance later. His first Intruder AROed and was critted, the Wildcat tried to dodge, but was critted as well. The Lt and the Raktorak took up position for a later push/ARO duty.)

In his peripheral sight he saw 2 more enemy marks disappear from his HUD. The one in their backlines, and the one blocking the right flank. His comrades were doing good. He smiled, this would be good day for this combat group. He just had to make sure the Yaogat were the best regiment of the day. (The Zerat killed the Moran, which threatened the last Preta, the Preta ran back towards the hiding Bandit, discovered him, ran into CC, both died. The Kurgat laid a mine for defence. The right flank was almost empty now, almost…)

“Redeemer commence.” “Understood” Brukat watched as the prisoner slid on his belly towards the enemy position in order to stay out of sight. (Cautious move to avoid the Lof to the 2nd Intruder, also the Krakot had 6-4 move.) Brukat raised an eye in appreciation. The Redeemer moved on and ran into the long room, filling it with hot metal. The humans scrambled, one of them went down and the Redeemer took the the return fire an lived. Brukat was irritated. (The Krakot makes a run and hits the Intruder, Jaguar and Wildcat with his Chain Rifles, the Jaguar shoots back and dies, the Intruder is hit, but tanks both saves, the Wildcat dodges, but the Krakot survives the CR and now threatens the Wildcat dearly. All in all a very bloody first turn.)

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“Incoming on the right, Disguised one, Drone down, Defence 1 damaged.”

“Dodesek Ratoya support.”


(He was desperate and burned all Command Tokens to make one group and the bandit ate all of them, he ran across to my AC2, was discovered on the way , downed the Q-Drone and put all 3 D-Charges on the AC2, I passed 7 of 9 saves and it stood erect. Whew, desperate measures can be damaging.)

“Enemy down, extracting data?”

“Permission granted.”

Brukat watched closely for enemy attacks, but right now they didn´t move in front of him. His comrade Ratoya did put down the attacker in their midst and extracted his memory device. Still a good day. (Daturazi crit killed the Bandit with his Combi Rifle and then proceeded to doing the In Extremis Recovery Classified.)

“Hunt head descend. Redeemer advance.”

Two confirmations came in and while the Rasyat blew a hole into the bulkhead above to descend next to the prime objective, the Redeemer removed two more enemies from his HUD before going cold. Brukat was still irritated, maybe that Redeemer did deserve a second chance. He seemed alive at least. No enemy stirred as the Rasyat put several charges onto the prime objective and cleaved it into pieces in the end.

“Prime objective fulfilled. Attacking enemy.”


(The Rasyat droped on a 15 next to the AC2, before that the Krakot advanced with his impetious and took down the Wildcat HRl and the Wildcat LT with his Chain Rifles, going unconscious on the way, but that was okay with me;) The Rasyat put all three D-Charges to use and did two damage, he also saved 7 out of 9 as I did with my AC2, three more CC attacks did it and it was down. 4 OP for me. Then the Rasyar shot at the Intruder who tanked the hit and the Wildcat behind it tanked it too. Which was good, as the Order should not have been there. It was the Lt order, so it would have been unfair if it did have any effect.)


“Movement, attacking.”


Brukat put down the assailant, but his commander went down from the attack. Despite that there seemed to be chaos on the enemies side.
“They are disorganized. Press forward.”

“One neutralized”

The voice of the Rasyat was cold as he called in his takedown. Brukat saw the downed figure rising again, lumoing into cover before he could shot. Then he jerked to the left as another attacker moved onto him. His aim was good but the enemy bullet impacted first and jerked his arm aside (both crit), allowing the human to get out of sight.

(He is in Lol and has no Command Tokens. The Jaguar advances, the Intruder takes on both Yaogat and kills the Lt, but is downed by the Spitfire, the Daktari Medpistols the Intruder back to life. Otherwise he would have been in retrat next turn. The Shotgun Wildcat goes up against the Rasyat and is shotgunned down. The Moran attacks the Yaogat and both crit, the Moran finishes where he can tackle the console in the last round.)

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“Going for secondary objective.”

The Kurgat advances on the left. Brukat watched both angles where his enemies were, but none moved into sight.

“Breaking their back.”

The Rasyat still sounded cold, suddenly Brukats vision was impaired, and shortly after a scream pierced the air.

“Enemy retrating.”

Still a cold voice.

“Retain position. Secondary?”

Brukat asked over the link-

“Retrieval failed.”

“Acknowledged. We press on in 7.”

Everyone confirmed.

(The Kurgat tried to activate the console for a point but failed on the last order. The Rasyat threw a lot of smoke and beheaded the Intruder in CC to put him into retreat. I his turn the Moran had a go at the console, but also failed.)

So it ended 7-2 for me. He reeled badly from my first turn, but his suicide attack on the AC2 almost succeeded. After that it was just mop-up. We both had risky lists for this mission, but I seized the initiative and he never could claw it back. My impetious troops were awesome, even though I made some mistakes with them.

So we are on 11-9 Nomads – Morat in the campaign so far – I bought a minelaying doctor with my points, he got + 3 Initiative.

See you soon hopefully.



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