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A Tale in Darkness…Part 9

Geronimo fell down to the ground, just as good a dead Antilope as a dead Lion. Ada was there, she killed it. All were happy. They had brought home the new beast, the Antilope, here they had a show of it. All were good, all smiled. A loud clanking made Bjorngar turn his head. There was a huge man between them, much larger than they all. Like them but in much protection. He had a long weapon, he looked at all of them. Suddenly he swung it, the blade cut tow of them in two. Then two more. One tried to hit him, he punched his head, it exploded. There was silence. Then he just left. All were bad. All were sad. Some were dead.

“We must do something.” Darwin was right.

“Yes, we must. We all stand together. We all must help each other, even when dead. Come let us see, what he can help us.”

All took a moment but then came. The tore open the dead, like the beasts, cut their bones, took their flesh. It was right, it would help them. Suddenly Bjorngar stopped. Where was Zeus, where was Evan? He saw a figure approaching the hoard.


Everyone turned around. Yes, it was Beatrice, she looked different. Marked with things. She did not talk, just sat down in one of their small skies. No one came near to her. A scream made him run. Nannie and Manni sttod over Evan and Zeus. Evan was dead. Zeus still had the daggers. He had killed him. He looked at them with Hunger and Desire and Fear. Ada came running, it took five to stop her ripping Zeus apart. Bjorngar pointed into the Darkness. Zeus looked there then to them, then there. He left. Bjonrgar knew, he´d return.

He went to Ada, he saw her pain, her sad. Bjonrgar took her. Helped her cut his skin. She was lost, he held her it helped. He brought her to a small sky. There she slept.

When he awoke, she was not there. Bjonrgar went outside. Hanni, Nanni and Zara talked about the Antilope, what to make of ot. What was with the man? Would he come back?

“Bjonrgar thinks he will. We must be ready. He is stronger than beasts. We need protection. Make protection from Antilope.”

“Good. And look what Zara did.”

He saw at her face she was not normal, other colours were there.

“Zara saw it at Beatrice. It will make harder to see for beasts.”

All agreed, it was good. They all went away. Bjonrgar found Ada with new Axe, she and Evan often fought with Axe. He came to her, she still sad. He felt how Ada get better when Bjorngar was near. She looked at him.

“We must grow stronger. Evan now in us.”

Bjorngar nodded to that. She took his hand.

“We must be more again. Let us make Evan again.”

He looked into her eyes and felt something. He had no name for it.


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