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Board Games: Kingdom Death (Tale 8-9)

So we got down again and sent our murder couple Ada and Evan as melee fighters and Zeus and Zara as Snipers to face the Butcher and we won without a casualty again. To be fair we did some rules wrong, as the book is really not well written, nor structured nor clear in many a wording…and because we were too lazy to look them up. In Hindsight we probably would have lost one or two survivors, well the Butcher did leave nothing behind, but we broke a Bone Axe in the fight.

Our poor Zeus had his lantern devoured by the Butcher in the aftermath he became a Bone Eater which we did not notice and so Murder was added to next years timelien, which would make for a eventful year. We also had Hands of Heat and Bjorngar became the Master of Red Fist fighting style, we lost half our resources so could build nothing and only could innovate, which brough us hovel, again no ammonia…

So we went out to hunt an Antilope with Zeus, Bjonrgar, Zara and Hanni on her first hunt. We harvested the Acanthus first, got a bite and an Insect. Then Bjonrgar first stabbed the Antilope in the tongue and we were happily off, then it ate our axe and was a real nuisance, but nothing more an went down. Then our Porblems started…

We returned home, first to once more re-enact our hunt as an event, which was fine, then a Kingsmen showed up and as we had 24 population he killed 5 of them, we were in no shape to face him and took it on the chin, but hey, our first dead. We decided to be cannibals, because what use are graves, this gave us 5 more resources. Nice, then our Bone Witch returned, good old Beatrice, but no one watend to talk to her, then Zeus murdered Evan one ouf our muder couple, we banished him and made Love Juice out of Evan, no really we drew that. We built a stone circle, innovated Paint this time to get dash, yupp no ammonia again, build some Antilope armour an new axe and made 2 new children.

4 Events in one year was rough, we´ll want to go after another Antilope next round. The Kingsmen will return, so we need to prepare.


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