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The Paint Pain:LotR & Warcry

So I did some more painting for LotR and now I have painted 47 miniatures since starting with this range last year. As I have not yet played a game I lack somewhat motivation to do more. When I had my first game I will report and then there will be more pictures. In other news I did find an armoured Eowyn, which I did not know that I had retained. Which is nice as I wanted an armoured version to my painted plain one. I haven´t decided on a colour scheme yet.

Also on a whim I bought myself a box of Warcry miniatures after talking about the game with my brother. So far I stayed away from Age of Hillarious miniatures, as I really disliked the transition from Warhammer very, very much. But the game looks good and there are some cool miniatures. Within the next two weeks, I probably will play the first game and from march onwards I can play in the gaming group of my brother.

So the first four are done and the other half awaits finishing.



I am happy enough with the paint job, it takes longer than I want, but it is a good compromise. I could paint them much better, but they look well enough. I tried some blacklining and failed again to apply an easy one 🙂

Yes, I use Mortal Kombat names, but sex swapped for some diversification…

The biggest problem is that the box barely has enough points for a basic warband, so I probably will need a second one soon…



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