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The Paint Pain and Battles: Warcry

So I went on and painted some more of my Mortal Kombatants (Kung Lao, Scorpion and Baraka to be exact) and I threw down some games with a friend who happened to have the starter box. He painted up, at least almost all of them, some Sigmarines and we went for it.


We did three games in about 2 hours with everything from setup to putting it back into the box. So far Tzeentch seems to favur me. As before all scenarios were beneficial for my band and I rolled a decent amounts of sixes to make my damage count.

Some observations so far:

The Warrior Chamber Sigmarines need some rethinking stats-wise. They do not seem to add up compared to other models I have seen or read about. He was seriously outmatched. (Okay, he did not read his abilites beforehand and played rather khornishly)

Activation Advantage is huge in Warcry, really hurting elite armies. It does not seem to balance out within my limited experience so far.

Still I am pretty excited about the campaign, which I will start with a group around three weeks from now. I will report.



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