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Board Games: Kingdom Death Campaign (Tale 10 &11)

Two more rounds and as I slacked in writing this report, I am now somewhat hazy on the details, we managed two more rounds in the session. First we obliterated an Antilope, yepp, that is the right word, with Ada, Brunhilde, Geronimo and Darwin. Who all got a fighting art thanks to last phase. But on the way we had an event which turned them into new people, so Ada is now Evan reborn, Darwin became Daniel, Brunhilde is now Hildegard and Geronimo Ominoreg.

Back home a feather from the Phoenix dropped and Hildegard hid it away, she also went mad and saw ghosts everywhere…and sang a song in the night, stripping most people of ther insanity. We made new stuff from the Antilope, including the most epic brass knuckles ever and the bone earrings, so Bjorngar would go in with 4 attacks, strength 7 next fight. Wow°° We came home with 5 Acanthus also, so we made some dreid ones for the next combat. We inventend War painting, which is good, as it only has bonuses no maluses to offer. Also we got babies again, no wonder here…

Then we went for a Level 2 Lion, which we thankfully ambushed. We sent Evan reborn, Bjonrgar, Hanni and Ominoreg.


The first time in Overwhelming Darkness, yet not as the Lion jumped closer:)

The Lion was much tougher, but we were very lucky and brough him down quickly, still we had our first combat death, as the Lion roared at Hanni and she died from schock…because she wasn´t insane enough. At least we got some hide, also she was the only one without an dried acanthus, which would have saved her…





There she is dead as you can be.

Back home a dentist showed up, but we were not interested, we made a spear, more armour and finally invented ammonia, Yes! And directly made a leather worker. One more hunt and then the kingsmen will appear. We are somewhat afraid, oh, yes more children a savoiur this time, we named him Muadib. Right in track to level up in the next hunt, as will Bjorngar, then we think we have a chance against the Kingsman.


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