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Let´s witness history (and maybe make it)

Greetings to all who roam the internet and may see this.

On my behalf on staying a bad blogger I post this several days after I wanted to…

So as everybody with internet notices these days are special. Most people already have realized it, but we are in the process of making history. If you´d ever considered writing a diary of any kind, now is the time to do it.

We are experiencing a massive interference with our normal lives, and with we I mean most people on this planet, obviously not all because for some other problems remain more pressing than worrying about a virus with a meager lethality rate of between 0,5 – 2%.

Put down on paper 2% does not sound like much, but it is. 2 of 100 people will die. That is what this means. Compared to other plagues that have swept the earth (or at least larger parts of it), that is a low number. Look up the Black Death or the Spanish Flu for comparison.

Still these 2% frighten us, and they frighten us to a degree that seems disproportional. Why is that? Part of the reason is probably the last Sars Pandemic, where we noticed that our protocols were lacking. Another reason probably the non-existence of death in our communal minds. In general as our global society goes, the first one of its kind in history, we tend to not think about death. It is absent from our everyday thoughts and experiences, we do not want to deal with it. So we deny it and try to stop it at all costs.

[Picture your perfect death as an experiment, if you are so inclined. It is a worthwhile experience.]

In turn this right now led to a deceleration of almost everything. Our economy trickles down, with dire consequences for everyone in the industries shutting down, our lives are torn asunder as our normal behaviours are now dangerous, forcing us to slow down meeting, parties etc. The stock market, one of the most overrated and evil places we ever created if you ask me, shows us the vulnerability of our interconnected, high-speed, profit oriented society.

It is delicate and now the seams start to get loose under the tear. So far most things hold together fine, but this is not an indefinite state. The first reactions already occured people coming together to help one another for example, also many people showed their egoistic faces by hoarding stuff they do not need right now creating shortages where none really are.

I myself sitting at home right now as my workplace is a public health hazard, as we work with unemployed people, on some over 100 people come into our offices. So we were shut down, no one knows for how long, but obviously it is needed right now. Some companies will die over this sort of thing. So we have to do something about that.

We do put lives first in this matter, which is good from a humanitarian point of view, and it gives me hope that we are not down too far the road on which lives are only numbers. There is hope for us to turn this around and emerge with a better, more humane society after this. It is a waking call to our problems, not the first one, but this one now hurts were most others did not – at the money. It will hurt a lost of people, but it also hurts the ones who sat out the others calls. So we, together, have to react, we have to change.

So let´s change and let us all try to change for the better.





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