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Board Games: Resident Evil 2

It sat on my shelf for over a year and I did not intent to play it in Solo Mode, but well I am stuck inside anyway. Also I am playing RE2 again atm as RE3 will be released next week…

So I set up the board took Claire and Kendo and went for a one player game of RE2


Getting to the S.T.A.R.S. Office

Get to the office!

I started with getting to the S.T.A.R.S. office and I took mediocre damage, Kendos bad dodging abilites already made themselves felt…

From here on I would have to use Ink Ribbons to reset the Tension Deck and I was worried…

Poor Marvin

Poor Marvin 😦

Moving further through the R.P.D. I came close to death many times, also I totally messed up that Kendo could not use the Magnum (What the Heck!), but I kept using it till the end otherwise you hardly have enough ammunition for the game.

The first Boss fight with the G left me like this:

After the first Boss fight...

Not looking so good…

The campaign mode makes it really hard to stay healthy, as you have less healing items than in a scenario by scenario playthrough…

Escape the Laboratory!

I´ve got the Serum, let´s go!

The final battle was upon me and I had hoarded all the ammunition I could:

Setup for the Escape

Here we go!

Yes, I played with the Malformations of G Add-On ^^

Well, I won with Kendo being out of action and Claire on her last health bar. Whew.

So first of all the game does a decent job of capturing the stress and confinment of the game. You are in a hurry mostly and are lowm on ammo and health quite often. Some scenarios became a little stale at the end, when all was collected and no enemies remained on the tiles, it came down to a repetitive, run 4 steps, draw a card, run 4 steps, draw a card…

Also killing some enemies and Birkin at the end came down to lucky dice. So it is absolutely possible to fail, just because you rolled badly. That happens in dice games, but I estimate the chances quite high. I really want to test what it is like with more players before I cast my final vote.


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