Of Thoughts and Swords

A blog about Science, Philosophy, Wargaming, Literature and other things, in three or more languages.


This blog serves multiple purposes which I will explain in more detail later on.

Dieser Blog soll mehreren Zwecken dienen, die ich zu einem anderen Zeitpunkt näher erläutern werde.

As this is needed and rather important:

This site is in no way offical or endorsed by any of the companies whose products, names or intelectual property, I refer to. The copyright of all images, names, brands and similar things lies by the respective owners. I do not intend to challenge any copyrights and if anyone feels that I do, then contact me about the problem. All images used in this blog are either drawn from the internet, or are made by myself, or made by people who allowed me to use them.


Until I am fully immersed in the language here I will leave the comment below, please just ignore it.

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