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Let´s witness history (and maybe make it)

Greetings to all who roam the internet and may see this. On my behalf on staying a bad blogger I post this several days after I wanted to… So as … Continue reading

March 19, 2020

The Beauty of Physics: Leonardo´s Bridge

Like most children I didn´t like my physics lessons in school. Why should I do and learn some unwieldy formulas about something I probably wouldn´t ever need? Mathematics suffers even … Continue reading

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Future (?) Problems: Frustration Tolerance

So these last days I had some observations, again. And today I am able to get myself to write something, so let´s talk about it. One of the biggest problems … Continue reading

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A thought about art.

The light topic for today. – Art. Yes, I am kinda joking, yet not really, also it has to do with the post that will follow this one. I came … Continue reading

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Experiment – A thing to do?

Here is a small experiment which might help you feel better. If you look around you on the street you generally see people with grumpy expressions. Why is that? As … Continue reading

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From the Delights of being a criminal: Scenario Musings: Shadowrun

When playing a rpg you deliberately choose to be someone else, some characters lean heavily on oneself, some don´t, but in the end it is about trying something new, doing … Continue reading

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Making Friends 102 cont.

So back to topic. You will have guessed it, here the same reasons apply, as with the garbage man. The snack vendor occupies a crucial place in our society. Millions … Continue reading

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