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Reading Time: Political and media scientific analysis.

So one of the books is finally down The title translates as: Wolverine becomes a congressman. About the political potential of comic movies. The author tries to apply two differing … Continue reading

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Anniversary Post, Plans & Platitudes

So one more year down and I am still occasionally showing up here.That is good I guess:) I am impressed that over 100 people are following me here. Thank you. … Continue reading

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Reading Time: Thinking fast and slow

So this book came to me as an unexpected present and it reminded me, that you should gift other people with books more often. I never before heard of the … Continue reading

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Reading Time: Michio Kaku

After a long hiatus, I have been reading a little bit and want to write about it. Michio Kaku is somewhat famous as the “physics guy” here and there, as … Continue reading

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Reading and Gaming: Medieval History and Fantasy

Hello again after another long pause, I am truly sorry for that. Right now I am sick which brings a lot of headaches with it, also I will rent a … Continue reading

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Readings: Fairy Tales and Physics

So all the drama in my life has not stopped me from reading, actually quite the opposite, reading makes you think and more thinking means less brooding. Something I am … Continue reading

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Reading Time: Theories and Fairy Tales

Hello there again, has been sometime now, mostly due to the current heat wave around here, sitting at the computer is not what I do very regularly. We even got … Continue reading

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Reading: German History

Yes I am alive, I have been quite busy with training for and being on stage with my troupe. We are only layplayers but theatre takes it time – as … Continue reading

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Readings: Scientific Biography and Chinese History

A long time without updates again, being sick and on vacation made me do…not much, I seriously needed some time to recuperate and honestly need some more, but next week … Continue reading

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