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Haiku 13.05.2018

  大雨(おおあめ)に 弐刃打(にわぶ)つかるき 塵出(ちりい)でる Inmitten des Regens Treffen sich zwei Klingen Staub springt empor Under heavy rain Two blades meet Dust explodes

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Sword Sorrows: Finally getting one

This week, or rather last week when I ordered it, I finally did something I put of for a long time: I got a Katana. I am rather into this … Continue reading

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Going to town: Conference tomorrow

So less posting here than I wanted the last two weeks, but it is coming. I have been busy painting so expect a longer update on this one next week. … Continue reading

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Reading: Chinese History

Here I am again with the next one down. Chinese Weapons from the Bibliotheca Orientalis series, first published 1932 in Shanghai was a short read. Back then E.T.C. Werner assembled … Continue reading

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Readings: Japanese History 2

As promised (mostly to myself) I read Everyday things in premodern Japan. The hiden legacy of material culture. written by Susan B. Hanley. Hanley tries to grasp what impact things … Continue reading

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The Origins of the Japanese Sword.

This is an article which sadly never got published, because of differing circumstances which prevented that. Therefore I publish it here for everyone to read. Maybe some good will come … Continue reading

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