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New Year & Nostalgic Notions: Resident Evil 2

A happy new year to everyone reading, I know it already is 2 weeks in, but I haven´t seen any of you yet;) So on January 8th I finally got … Continue reading

January 14, 2019

Haiku 24.03.2018

空(す)いた道(みち) 独花唇也(どくかしんなり) 風(かぜ)ぞ無(な)し Auf dem leeren Gehweg Einsam die ersten gefallenen Blüten Abseits des Windes By absent winds Resting lonely on the sidewalk The first fallen blossoms

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The Numbers Thing

And again over a month, the end of this year really doesn´t give me much time to write. I hope everyone whom it concerns had a good christmas time. For … Continue reading

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Life signs, 1 more year down and Building Bench: Dropfleet

Whew, over a month silence here and I missed to put something up on my birthday…I keep being a terrible blogger obviously. The last weeks were stressful despite the last … Continue reading

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Haiku 04.07.2017

門(もん)な前(まえ)に 暗(くら)し駅堂(えきどう) 古(ふる)しき樹(き) Vor dem Eingang Der dunklen Bahnhofshalle Gedeiht der alte Baum   Before the gate of the dark station hall Still soars the old tree

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Anniversary Post, Plans & Platitudes

So one more year down and I am still occasionally showing up here.That is good I guess:) I am impressed that over 100 people are following me here. Thank you. … Continue reading

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Whew so long again.

Well, I keep being a terrible blogger with again one month between writing something. It was a very busy month with me being on stage again for my hobby theatre … Continue reading

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Haiku 07.03.2016

春之雪(はるのゆき) 恋人(こいびと)のソク(そく) 朝降(あさふ)るき Frühlingsschnee fallend am morgen – Die Berührung des Geliebten Menschen The lovers´ touch in Spring snow Falling in dawn

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Farewell: Alan Rickman

Death starts an early season this year. I know I am some days late with this, but I haven´t been at the computer for a while. Goodbye Alan. Curious enough … Continue reading

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Farewell: David Bowie

Another great soul hast left us today. Even though I never have been a big fan of him or his work, I fully realise how important he was, even if … Continue reading

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