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Nostalgic Notions: Resident Evil 2

Nostalgia. The thing reserved for people who are old enough to actually remember some things being different some years ago. I started to be nostalgic at a young age. Some … Continue reading

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The Beauty of Physics: Leonardo´s Bridge

Like most children I didn´t like my physics lessons in school. Why should I do and learn some unwieldy formulas about something I probably wouldn´t ever need? Mathematics suffers even … Continue reading

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Haiku 23.09.2017

23.09.17 若鳥等(わかとりら) 窓(まど)と樹間(きあいだ) 飛(と)ぶ習(なら)う Flügge werden langsam zwischen Baum und Fensterbrett Ein Batzen Spatzen A score of sparrows Hopping from window to tree Slowly learning to fly

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To Oppress and Subjugate: CA Battle Report

Intel report, Section 12a of the Damburg line. Author: Hexahedron Agent Samantha On the grounds of the given up supply house 17beta, a border security force of Nomads faced off … Continue reading

September 17, 2017 · 1 Comment

The Paint Pain and Building Bench: Freebooter´s Fate

So finally someone made me play something else than Infinity and promptly of course I painted, bought, build and played some more Freebooter´s. I really like the game despite it … Continue reading

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The Paint Pain: CA playable

After having some time thanks due to some days off from work I painted. A lot. I can´t stand having armiey around that I can´t field, so my new CA … Continue reading

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Haiku: 09.08.2017

子鳩声(こはとこえ) 駅堂聞(えきどうき)ける が見(み)えなし Inmitten der Bahnhofshalle Jenseits der Sicht Das Zwitschern junger Tauben Out of sight within the station hall The cries of baby doves

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