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Sayings of a gamer

There are the times, when one notices that there are certain sentences which only make sense, when the people involved in the conversation are role-play-gamers. This week there was such an occurence (number 2 down there) and I thought it a good idea to collect some of these.

“Say (enter real world name – like Paul), what was your name again?”/ “Sag mal (echter Name), wie war nochmal dein Name?”

“It has been a while since I had to roll an athletics check.”/”Ist ne Weile her, dass ich ne Athletikprobe würfeln musste.”

“Well I have Logic 5.” – “No, your character has Logic 5. What you have is a different story.” / “Ich hab ja auch Logik 5.” – “Nur weil dein Charakter Logik 5 hat, heisst das nicht, dass du das auch hast.”

“I want to play someones little sister.”/ “Ich hab Lust jemandes kleine Schwester spielen.” / 他の人の妹がありたい。

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