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Anniversary Post, Plans & Platitudes

So one more year down and I am still occasionally showing up here.That is good I guess:) I am impressed that over 100 people are following me here. Thank you. … Continue reading

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Wow, I just read that now 100 people follow me here (or did and stopped by now, maybe). That is really cool and I never had exprected that, when I … Continue reading

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Whew so long again.

Well, I keep being a terrible blogger with again one month between writing something. It was a very busy month with me being on stage again for my hobby theatre … Continue reading

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New Years Eve: Intentions and Updates

So another year down, due to the calendar at least, what to do? I am not a fan of new years specific intentions. Still there are some things I aspire … Continue reading

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Full circle two

So another year down. Birthday again. So what happened this year? The blog is up to 87 followers, wow, thank you really much for taking a look at what comes … Continue reading

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Life Signs

Hello everyone, just for the record I am not dead or something. I moved to a different city and the last weeks have been awfully busy. I have a handfull … Continue reading

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Happy 100

So this is no. 100. Guess that calls for some kind of celebration, so yeah, celebration:D Round numbers are a peculiar thing, for some reasons people like them, I presume … Continue reading

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