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Somewhat mixed Post including the Paint Pain, New Venues, To Battle and something about language use.

Naturally I have been doing stuff lately, except much writing. Okay, I did this too, I even started yet another novel project, which right now stands at a massive 3 … Continue reading

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Reading Time: Political and media scientific analysis.

So one of the books is finally down The title translates as: Wolverine becomes a congressman. About the political potential of comic movies. The author tries to apply two differing … Continue reading

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Linguistic Racism and how to spot it (sometimes)

These days I was reminded how easily discrimination, may it be racism, sexism or any other kind of it, hides among our everyday language. The first instance was the new … Continue reading

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Verdummung 2.5: Misspelling and imperfect slogans

So again I came about some very irritating lines which are intended for a specific purpose but fail more or less specatcular. Let´s start with the one in the image. … Continue reading

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Haiku 25.09.2015

橋上(はしがみ)で 車煩(くるまわずら)い 川通(かわかよ)う   Auf der Brücke Lärmende Autos unbeeindruckt plätschert der Fluss As The river flows by the noise of speeding cars upon the bridge   橋下(はしげ)に 車煩(くるまわずら)い 鴨集(かもあつ)まる … Continue reading

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Verdummung 2.5: Wrong transfered Taglines

There are the days when I really fear for the future, and then there are the days when I truly despair. Okay, there are also days in between where all … Continue reading

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Regarding Regards

Well, I should write about a certain incident, somehow I feel that I should, yet holding true to my maxim (don´t say something which no one needs), I won´t, directly … Continue reading

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