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Bad Days Kampfgruppe Freitag der 13. MAF Battle Report

So the second game of the evening. We knew we would be three and we were up to try something so I wrote a custom scenario The idea was an … Continue reading

May 1, 2019

The Paint Pain: Marvel, Infinity and X-Wing

So finally some more pictures of painted metal things. After a long while I finished the first models from Red Veil, even when the Red Turban is a blue one:) … Continue reading

February 18, 2017 · Leave a comment

With Blood and Sweat: Antenna Field

So I took the opportunity to field my Shock Army after some time, having finished painting the Tikbalang this morning I wanted to run it, and my opponent wanted to … Continue reading

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The Building Bench: Green Stuff Breasts for Infinity

So as I was asked on the international forums to show these, and as I canĀ“t upload anything there, here are some pictures of self-done green Stuff workto turn more … Continue reading

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With Blood and Sweat: Transmission Matrix

Finally a battlereport from me again. We wanted to play an ITS mission, as we are intending to run a tournament, maybe even this year. So we played transmission matrix … Continue reading

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The Paint Pain: More Yu Jing and HVT

So my army grows, only four Yu Jing models left to paint atm, also the PanO HVT, funnily I totally dislike the Kickstarter Version, but this one without weapons is … Continue reading

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In Service of the Jade Dragon 1.5

So I managed to get in one and a half game with my Yu Jing. The first one was stopped halway through, so no real counting. This will be rather … Continue reading

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